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90-Wide Mentoring Impact Report

“Our 90-Wide Mentoring Program includes Holy Cross alumni from all around the country who serve as mentors to our team!” #SADERSRIS1N9

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A commitment to excellence in helping our Crusaders win on and off the field.

The 90-Wide was launched during my senior year at Holy Cross, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I spoke to dozens of football alumni and found the advice, connections and relationships to be incredibly valuable. Specifically, Mike Guilfoile took an interest in me and introduced me to his friend who had recently invested in an interesting tech startup in NYC and was in need of an accountant and operations manager. While I was totally unqualified for this role on paper, Mike felt comfortable making the introduction because he believed that the skills and character that I developed as a student-athlete at Holy Cross would help me quickly adapt to challenges in the working world. I got the job and had an incredible experience that culminated in a top-tier public technology company, Autodesk, acquiring our start-up.  That first job eventually set me up for, and inspired me to seek out, my current career in technology-focused private equity.

Starting a job search as a college student can be a really lonely endeavor. I felt so much pressure to find an opportunity that adequately reflected my hard work and the quality of my education. I can’t stress enough how important it was for me to have so many successful businesspeople teach me, believe in me, make connections for me, and take chances on me. The Holy Cross football family is full of hundreds of men who are willing to do that for one another. The best part about the 90-wide program is that it’s a lifelong asset – I still seek advice from some of my mentors (e.g. Terry Waters, Craig Cerretani, Larry Doyle, Mike Guilfoile, among others), and meet with younger Crusaders to give them advice. I not only feel obligated to pay it forward, but I also love still being connected to current players and the football program overall.
Andrew Cialino ‘10
New York, NY
Vice President & Head of Business Development
SFW Capital Partners

Two years after having graduated from Holy Cross, I was working at Putnam Investments as an Internal Wholesaler outside of Boston when I decided I wanted pursue a career in private wealth management in New York City. As a 24 year old looking to make a career transition in a totally different city with no family/friend connections in the world of New York finance, leveraging the Holy Cross network and the 90-Wide Program in particular was critical to my success. The willingness to help from those Crusaders to whom I reached out was remarkable. On one visit, I had lunch with a Crusader alum who subsequently introduced me to my future boss at Citi Private Bank which is where I have been ever since. I am now an Investment Counselor managing investment portfolios for high net worth individuals and institutions.

There are a number of fellow Holy Cross football alumni and members of the 90-Wide program who were instrumental in guiding me throughout the process including Ed Doyle, Craig Cerretani, Bill Maloney, Ron Hooey, John Hackney, Mark Roman, Andrew Simons, and Art Grutt. While there is a unique bond shared amongst those of us lucky enough to have played at Fitton Field, the selflessness of the Holy Cross alumni base transcends a specific sports team. I came across a number of alumni not directly tied to the football program who were equally as impactful on my journey. I could not have gotten to where I am today without the help of the 90-Wide program and the Crusaders that were so giving of their time and advice!
Brian Mauthe ‘11
New York, NY

"The 90 Wide program experience has been everything to me while pursuing my career goals and ambitions. I was blessed to be paired with Craig Cerretani and from the very beginning he was truly passionate about helping me achieve my goals. I had no idea what I wanted to do after college and with Craig's help I was able to connect with professionals in many industries and various stages of their careers. It was an amazing experience that opened my eyes up to the many opportunities and possible career paths following my time at Holy Cross. However, it was Craig's guidance and successes in the insurance business that steered me to look at the insurance industry as a career. I later accepted my first career position with Unum, an insurance carrier, in Washington DC.

Craig's mentorship and guidance did not stop there. More than five years had passed and I was back to the drawing board as my wife and I were looking to relocate as we began to grow our family. Unfortunately, that prevented me from continuing my career at Unum. Craig was one of the first emails that I sent as I approached the process of moving to a new city and looking for another company to continue my career with. It was the impact and reach of the 90 Wide program along with Craig's passion that allowed me to feel at ease when going through this transition process that many would deem impossible. In less than 5 weeks, I was able to accept an offer with my current employer Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. in Charleston, SC. This would not have been achievable without the Holy Cross community and Craig's passion to help fellow Crusaders. I will forever be grateful for everything the 90 Wide program has provided me and my family."
Perry Townsend ‘11
Charleston, SC

-     Think Big
"The 90-Wide Mentoring Program has had the greatest impact on shaping my life in the real world. As a player, the 90-Wide Program paired me with Tom O'Brien who provided much more than job experience. Tom taught me life lessons on professionalism, networking, and business acumen that I still use on a daily basis today. The 90-Wide Program also connected me with Jim O'Gara, a Chicago football alum, who allowed me to intern with him at the Chicago Board of Trade. Through my friendships with Tom and Jim, I was introduced to Mark Cannon, another Chicago alum, who connected me with contacts at Oracle which landed me a sales position with Oracle in California upon graduation. As I looked for a change in employer and an opportunity to move back to Chicago, Brendan Sullivan, a mentor within the 90-Wide Program, helped me land a job with ServiceNow (recently named Forbes Most Innovative Company in the World) back in my hometown of Chicago.

I attribute the successes I've had in my life and the quality of life I enjoy today to the 90-Wide Mentoring program. As a former Holy Cross Football player, I now take pride in giving back as a mentor to football players who once stood in my shoes trying to figure out what to do post-graduation. I am positive that the 90-Wide Program will again be fruitful to me through career changes that are bound to come. The 90-Wide Mentoring Program is the best representation of Holy Cross and what it means to be men and women for others."
Mark Tolzien ‘12
2011 Team Captain
Account Executive, ServiceNow - Chicago, IL

Great to be a Crusader

During my freshman year at Holy Cross, I was paired with alumnus Chris Hilson through the 90-Wide Mentoring program.  Immediately, Chris reached out to me and offered to drive to Worcester (from New Hampshire!!!) and take me to an introductory dinner at the nicest restaurant in town.  At that meeting, I expressed my interest in becoming a lawyer.  Chris was the perfect mentor because he had recently gone through the law school process and was a lawyer at a prominent boutique law firm in NH at the time.  From that first meeting, and all the way through my senior year, Chris offered me insights and advice that greatly prepared me for the next phase of my life.  I am forever beholden to Chris for his mentorship. Upon graduating from Holy Cross in 2013 with a B.A. in political science, I went on to graduate from Georgetown Law in 2016 with a J.D.  Currently, I am a restructuring lawyer at Kirkland & Ellis LLP in Chicago.

While I was living in D.C. for law school, and through my Holy Cross roots alone, I was able to meet with some of the most powerful lawyers in the country, including: Justice Clarence Thomas,  Hon. Richard Leon, and Steve Urbanczyk (all of whom are HC graduates and cherished mentors of mine). From D.C., I moved to Chicago where I was introduced to fellow Crusaders like Steve Lovelette, Fred O'Connor and Kevin Golden--each of whom I meet with regularly.  No matter where I have lived over the past decade, one common denominator remains--I can always rely upon Holy Cross alumni for guidance and support.  As I get older, I look forward to assuming this important duty of mentoring the next generation of Crusaders. 

Fred Hilow ‘13
Chicago, IL

My experience with 90-Wide has been tremendous. My direct mentor in DC, Blake Potolicchio, provided great guidance and insights on the commercial real estate industry. As I pursued interviews and interest from prospective employers without success, Blake worked with me to develop and utilize techniques and the use of my social media network to expand my scope of potential employers. I NEVER would have done that on my own had it not been for Blake saying, “Hey man, the most confident individuals always ask for help.” The Alpha Male, type A personality that got me to Holy Cross Football was actually hindering my ability to land a job. Through 90-Wide, I was able to implement a process for my job search. Two days after my expanded pursuit, fellow Crusader Ricky Otis ‘12 reached out for an intro level job with Putnam Investments in Boston, MA. I continued to use this process to market myself with other employers and I now work for Columbia Threadneedle Investments as a Regional Sales Director in downtown Boston, MA. Blake and other mentors involved in the 90-Wide instilled in me a level of confidence that I carry today and look to grow going forward.  “LET’S WIN!!”
Kyle Toulouse ‘13
Arlington, VA/Boston, MA

Chu Chu rah rah . . .
"While a student-athlete at the College of the Holy Cross, I had the privilege of participating in the 90 Wide Mentoring Program. This has truly been a life-changing experience; even now, several years after graduation, I continue to work with many mentors, all of whom I have found to be extremely knowledgeable, skilled, committed and generous. Many of my mentors and I still engage almost weekly! This has, in turn, had a huge impact on my professional and personal pursuits. I have specifically worked closely with Mr. Larry Doyle, Mr. Craig Cerretani, and Mr. Mark Cannon.

I was fortunate to first have Mr. Larry Doyle as a strategic guide in my résumé building and networking efforts since my freshman year, beginning with a premiere internship with Walt Disney - ESPN in 2013, where I worked in Human Resources and Sales/Marketing. This experience opened many doors when it came time to apply to and select my first full-time job. I was next introduced to Mr. Mark Cannon, a fellow Holy Cross alumnus, through Mr. Doyle; after hearing more about my background and body of experience, Mr. Cannon had the confidence in me to make an introduction to a University Recruiter at Oracle Corporation, another Fortune 500 Company, where I was offered a job in Sales and Marketing for their Financial Software and Healthcare division. This opportunity - made possible by both Mr. Cannon and Mr. Doyle -absolutely expedited my sales career in the healthcare space, subsequently enabling my transition to my current role at a 3rd Fortune 500 company, Danaher - Beckman Coulter, selling medical technology to hospitals on the East Coast, something I have always wanted to do. I never would have thought that I would be offered positions at multiple Fortune 500 companies coming out of Holy Cross, but with the help and guidance of my three mentors, I was able to jumpstart my career immediately following college.

As mentioned above, my 90-Wide mentors have impacted my personal pursuits as well, and that is just what Mr. Craig Cerretani has done. Through Mr. Cerretani's strategic coaching over the last seven years, I have been able to invest in real estate, now owning two houses in Boston, MA. Again, this is something I would have never dreamed of without the help of my mentors, and the profound expertise that they so willingly imparted on me. The 90-Wide Mentoring Program has helped me start a story I could have never written on my own, thanks to the energy, passion, and commitment I have received from my mentors. I believe the best is yet to come, and thank my mentors for putting me in a position to be successful through hard work. I believe so much in the program that I am paying it forward now as a mentor myself."
Gary Acquah ‘14
Bronx, NY/Boston, MA

My time on the field, in the classrooms, and socializing at Holy Cross were all outstanding but they were augmented considerably by the impact of the 90-Wide. I have three mentors, Larry Doyle, Craig Cerretani, and Peter Mondani, who have helped me launch and navigate my career.
I am currently the Director of Finance and Capital Markets at Nickson, an award-winning startup in Dallas, TX. I work directly alongside the founders, who both graduated from Harvard Business School, and we recently received an investment from a fund led by the founder of AOL. Prior to Nickson, I was an associate at Goldman Sachs, where I structured and originated asset backed facilities. I began my career at GE Capital in the Financial Management Program—this was my first introduction  to Wall St. and my offer came directly from an HC 90-Wide mentor.
To prospective Crusaders, I know you have a lot to consider as you decide where to take your talents, so I’ll leave you with this. I cannot speak to how much playing time you will get or how you will deal the weather in Worcester, but I can tell you that if you put in the time and make the effort that Holy Cross and the 90-Wide will impact your life more than you might ever imagine. I know because the college and the 90-Wide not only prepared me for life beyond Mt. St. James  but continue to positively impact my life both professionally and personally.
Jon H. Smith ‘14
Dallas, TX

The 90-Wide program was a major factor in my decision to attend Holy Cross. No other college which recruited me had a formal mentoring program as well developed and filled with passionate alumni as Holy Cross and the 90-Wide. It gave me the promise of mentorship from those who experienced being a student-athlete in a D1 program at a prestigious institution. The 90-Wide also provided me the opportunity to witness successful careers from active alumni who are willing to pay it forward to student-athletes coming behind them. Last but not least, I have had the opportunity to become a mentor and develop lasting relationships with other Crusader alumni and future alumni alike. I have benefited enormously both personally and professionally from the 90-wide mentoring program and I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate both as a mentee and mentor.
Reggie Woods ‘14
Bowie, MD/Boston, MA

Playing to Win

       There is no doubt in my mind that playing football at the College of the Holy Cross was the most important decision I made in regards to my future in medicine. Playing Division 1-AA football at an institution that not only bolsters an outstanding pre-medical program, but also emphasizes the Jesuit principles of men and women for others, was key in setting myself apart as an applicant to medical school. That being said, it was the unique nature of the 90-Wide mentoring program that provided me with a foundation for building relationships with fellow Crusaders in the medical field. This allowed me the opportunity to gain vital shadowing experience, medical school application insight, and mentorship.
I had the privilege of working with two of the greatest Crusaders I know, whom I am grateful to now be able to call colleagues in the field of medicine. I am forever indebted for their continued investment in my journey into the medical profession: Dr.Joe Ciccone, a former fullback turned Urologist, and Dr. Steven Fox, a former running-back turned Orthopaedic Surgeon. They both completely opened their doors to me, inviting me into their lives without hesitation, and allowing me to see behind the scenes of the operating room. Furthermore, they provided priceless insight and career guidance, and would even take the time to proof-read applications. These mentors did everything in their power to facilitate my progress. 
          My first stethoscope was given to me by Dr. Ciccone while I was still a pre-med student unsure of what lies ahead. Today I use that same stethoscope on patients in the New Orleans free health clinics where I volunteer, keeping in mind mentors like Dr. Ciccone and Dr. Fox, who have supported and motivated me along my journey. The 90-Wide mentoring program and Crusaders like Dr. Fox and Dr. Ciccone set Holy Cross football apart. HCFB will continue to produce future physicians, and I am honored to now be a part of this storied tradition.
Tyler Zeoli ‘15
Tulane University Medical School
New Orleans, LA

-     We take a back seat to nobody . . .
It is incredible how tight a bond can be between teammates.  The bond forms by pushing each other in practice and workouts, trusting each other to do their job, and ultimately playing together on game day.  The 90 Wide Mentoring Program is an extension of that bond after each player hangs up the cleats and enters the professional arena.  My original mentor helped me pursue a passion of mine off the field, law enforcement.  Through his connections with fellow Crusader John Moynihan ’83, I was able to earn an internship with the Drug Enforcement Agency during the summer going into my senior year.  The DEA internship was in Worcester, so I was able to participate in summer workouts with the team and pursue a career.

After my senior season, my mentor helped me get my foot in the door with a number of interviews with companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start ups.  These interviews were all through different Holy Cross football alumni and the 90 Wide program.  Ultimately, after a number of job offers, I chose to work for Oracle in a sales role.  Sean Whited, a 2013 graduate and football captain, is the recruiter for Oracle that helped me land the position.  Needless to say, I am incredibly indebted to the 90 Wide program for all the opportunities it has provided for me. Professionally, I am the product of the bond between the great men of the Holy Cross football team that make up the 90 Wide Mentoring Program.  As a result, I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to LD, Sean, and all the other members of the 90 Wide that have helped me along the way.  I cannot wait to return the favor with the next generation of HC alums.
Matt Bhaya '16
Boston, MA

I realized just how valuable the 90-Wide program was when I was a sophomore at HC. I wanted a summer internship that would allow me to stay in Worcester and workout at HC with my teammates. I reached out to LD (Chair/90-Wide), expressed my interests, and he put me in touch with a local HC alum named John Moynihan. After two great summers interning for John, he put me in touch with another HC alum named Lawrence Dixon, who works at Dell EMC. Around that same time, I decided to reach out to Chris Riley, President of Enterprise Sales at Dell EMC and the father of one of my teammates. Lawrence and Chris were both willing to help prepare me for my job interview at Dell EMC and they continue to be valuable mentors to me now, almost two years later.

Just like on the football field, the business world is very competitive. A lot of college students have a hard time getting a job at a great company right after graduation. The 90-Wide program puts Holy Cross Football players at a HUGE advantage when going after those roles. I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of the HC Football family, as it has allowed me to make long lasting relationships with mentors who gave me the opportunity to succeed on and off the field. I went through the inside sales training program at Dell EMC right after graduation and have recently been promoted to an Enterprise Account Manager at Dell EMC, covering Berkshire Hathaway. I could not be happier with my career and can’t wait to see what the future holds! I would not be where I am today without Holy Cross and the 90-Wide.  
Ryan Smith ‘16
Boston, MA

-     A commitment to excellence . . .

The impact the 90W Program has had on my professional career is quite literally immeasurable and, to that effect, still growing. When I first considered Holy Cross, I had heard a lot about the tremendous alumni network and ability to place graduates in positions that set them up for long-term success. This was a big plus for me in my decision to commit because unlike my high school and Holy Cross teammates, James Murray and Peter Pujals, I knew I would be going pro in something other than sports (that said, there is an HC network out there to help you with a transition into the NFL, too).

Keeping that in mind, all of my professional experience thus far has spawned from relationships built through the 90W. My first internship with Havas Impact Group was secured by my mentor, Bill Meyer '88. Bill had been the CEO of Impact Group since its acquisition by Havas and he did not hesitate to set me up with an opportunity for an internship there. It should be noted that Bill was a basketball player at HC but lends his time and resources to helping out football players and to my knowledge he is not the only case of this. So it should not be overlooked that this program extends beyond former football players to include other athletes as well as non-athletes.

My next internship was a position at Dell Technologies (then EMC) in the revenue recognition department. Chris Riley, father of current Crusader safety and my former teammate Chris Riley, helped me land this spot. To my knowledge he has helped at least a dozen football players find internships or full-time positions within Dell in just 2-3 years of being a friend of the program. Another sidenote: Chris did not attend Holy Cross but instantly proved to be an outstanding addition to the community as I expect he will continue to be (though he was decked out in UConn gear for his alma mater at the season opener last year, so his motives are suspect).

Finally, upon graduating I connected with Sean Whited '12 about a potential opportunity at Oracle in their Sales Development program. Sean and Mark Cannon ’77 were extremely helpful in getting my foot in the door as well as walking me through the interview and on-boarding process. Again, as with Bill and Chris, Sean and Mark have placed a few dozen Crusaders into this program, including two that have mentored me throughout the year I have been in this position, Alex Waked '16 and Matthew Bhaya '16.

So, in summary, I owe all of my career successes to the 90W and the kindness of its members. Until I can quit the corporate world to become Jimmy's or Peter's personal assistant, I will continue to take advantage of its offerings. Its value cannot be understated in my eyes, which is why I plan to pay it forward in the years ahead.
Luke Ford ‘17
Chicago, IL/Boston, MA

The 90-Wide Mentoring program has meant a great deal to me, and was integral in setting  me up for success after football and graduation. The opportunity to talk to successful individuals in their respective fields is a special one, especially when they know the amount of time and effort we as student athletes put into perfecting our craft. The willingness of the mentors to help out in a job search, contact someone for you, or just have a conversation is extremely generous. One person in particular, Dave Mitchell from the class of '05, helped me out a ton. He would text me after games, offer advice, and was a great sounding board when I was deciding what major to pursue in order to get into the financial industry after graduation.
As someone who has experienced an NFL mini-camp, I'll be the first to tell you football is only temporary. Knowing that I had a network of alumni to help me in my transition to my career after football made the transition simple and seamless. Just having conversations with these guys made it easy for me to go into interviews with great confidence. I was able to secure a job as a Financial Advisor with Krilogy Financial in St. Louis, MO., founded by a former Mizzou Quarterback who appreciates the principles of teamwork, relationships and competitiveness encompassed within the 90-Wide. I owe a great deal to the 90-Wide Program for helping put me into a position to succeed. Holy Cross Football is one big family, and that is evident through this program.
Lucas Nikolaisen ‘17
St. Louis, MO

-     η ΤΑΝ Η ΕΠΙ ΤΑΣ
The 90-Wide for the Holy Cross Football team is extremely special in that there is a unique bond among Crusaders that can't be replicated or simply copied. While the overall HC Alumni are fantastic and go above and beyond for each other, the football alumni really go even beyond that. Our Crusader alumni involved in the 90-Wide really want you to have a great career and will do anything to help you achieve that, but they also really want you to be a great man and live your best life possible.
Mike Dooley and James O'Gara played a crucial role in my development as a person along with helping in the job search process. They got me in contact with 10 other people in the Chicago area, some HC people and some not. These conversations were invaluable in making up my mind to become a trader as well as how to have great balance in life as a man. Mr. Dooley got me in the door at Alphabit Trading at the Chicago Board of Trade for an interview back in January. I ended up getting an offer and accepting a position with them as an assistant trader. I love it and can't thank Mr. Dooley enough for his guidance and support. My family and friends tell me all the time how jealous they are of our alumni network. They went to all types of schools and unwillingly admit that we have such a unique bond and brotherhood. I just nod and agree. Thank you Holy Cross and thank you 90-Wide!!
Brett Laurie ‘18
Chicago, IL

Coming to Holy Cross by way of Atlanta Georgia, I had no idea of the alumni network, specifically the 90-Wide Mentoring program, that I was stepping into. Personally, the best way to describe the impact of the 90-Wide Program on myself was when I was looking for an internship the summer between my junior and senior year. During my search I engaged my mentor Craig Cerretani ’79, who set me up with an interview with his current company’s branch in my hometown of Atlanta. With Craig’s guidance and direction, I received the internship offer but later had to turn down the opportunity due to an injury suffered during spring practice. During a very tough time, I spoke with another one of my mentors LD who took on the task of finding me an internship in Worcester so that I could rehab my injury with the team medical staff. Within a couple of weeks, I received an internship with Marsh and McLennan Agency.

Going into my senior year, I leaned on my mentors for guidance into my post graduate venture. After interviewing with multiple companies, I accepted a Management Trainee position with Cintas. In this role I will rotate across divisions of the company for two years in preparation to take on a leadership role upon completion. This result was largely due to the guidance I received from former teammate and mentor Connor Fitzgerald ’16. I start in a couple of weeks and could not be more excited to begin my professional career! The 90-Wide delivered in ways I never could have imagined. 
Chase Stratton ‘18
Atlanta, GA

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam


Message sent to 90-Wide Mentors in May 2018 regarding a revised format to the newly designated 90-Wide 2.0

As we embark on the 9th year of our 90-Wide, we are making a revision to our program in the belief it will create a force multiplier effect and stimulate the growth of countless quality relationships. How so and why so? First a little background: 

The 90-Wide currently has 135 active mentors. These mentors cover 30 states and approximately 30 separate industries. The updated Excel file that will go out next week collates all the contact info on our Crusaders and alumni involved in this effort. That file has data on the following numbers of individuals: 
- 61 current Crusaders (we have 30 incoming freshmen this year who will get involved in 2019) 
- 135 alumni mentors 
- 189 other Crusaders who have graduated from HC since we first launched the 90-Wide back in the fall of 2009. This includes the Crusaders in the Class of 2018. 
Total of 385 Crusaders 

If we were to simply pair our current Crusaders with an individual mentor or two, we would be generating on average 90-100 relationships on an ongoing basis. In the process, we would be leaving a LOT OF POINTS on the field and we certainly don't want to do that. On that note, we are going to make the following revision to our newly designated 90-Wide 2.0

- Create 28 groups of 4-5 alumni mentors and match these groups with on average 3-4 Crusaders. As you can see from simple math, often a Crusader will be assigned to more than one group typically based on geography and/or career interests. We envision that instead of merely the 80-100 relationships, under this exponential construct the 90-Wide will generate many hundreds of relationships between undergrads and alums and among the alumni as well. 

We believe that the assignments and pairings are based on sufficiently small numbers so as to make sure that relationships are personal while also trying to cross pollinate relationships among all involved so we generate maximum impact/benefits. We envision that we will see many younger alumni benefiting from developing quality relationships not only with our current Crusaders but also with older alums who are in their respective groups and are more advanced in their careers.  

As with any relationship, typically you get out of it what you put into it but the 90-Wide 2.0 will help initiate relationships and open doors. The file can be and is often used by many other recent Crusader grads (not necessarily mentors) as they launch or transition their careers. Some of you have likely heard Coach Chesney talk about how recruits don't come to Holy Cross for 4 years but rather 4 for 40. He's right. So if we were to combine Coach Chesney's message with the delivery made here, we get the following upper level mathematics formula: 4 + 40 = 90W (2.0)     

What are the risks? That people do not display leadership and take ownership within their groups to make sure that relationships develop in the manner that we hope. I view this risk as minimal based on the countless number of Type A personalities and natural leaders among the Crusaders involved in the 90-Wide. The doctors in the program know all too well that Purple blood is typically Type A and embodies similarly defined genetic characteristics.

I also envision that we will see an increased sharing of information among our current Crusaders as more quality relationships develop again to the benefit of all involved. 

With this revision to an already successful undertaking, we are confident that we will further elevate the 90-Wide 2.0 as: 

1Best in Class
2. Committed to Excellence
3. Transformative in taking the Crusaders to ever greater heights.  

Look for the rollout of the 2018 90 Wide 2.0 next week after we put the finishing touches and a spit shine on the wheels this week. 

Great to be a Crusader. 

Let's Win!! 

Larry Doyle '83

Spenser Huston '83
Chair/Friends of Crusader Football 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Winning Off The Field

Fellow Crusaders, 

As we look forward to Saturday's opening game vs Monmouth and a very successful 2015 campaign on the field for our Crusaders, I would like to share with you news of huge wins off the field as we look to continually elevate the commitment to excellence for the Holy Cross Football family. I thank all those directly and indirectly involved in supporting the cause. 

1. On August 3rd, we had a blowout event at Hopkinton CC for our annual golf outing. With upwards of 110 golfers and another few dozen joining us for dinner, the atmosphere that day was electric. Aside from raising upwards of $60k for the program (three plus times what had been raised in prior years), we also had two double eagles (more rare than a hole in one) registered on the day. Props to board chair John Mahoney and Harry Flaherty (2015 Ring of Honor inductee) for holing out a blind shot from 180-200 yards on the 15th.

Major thanks to all those on the golf committee and Heather Palmer, head of the Crusader Athletics Fund, for making this all happen. Circle the date July 18 2016 for next year's "can't miss" event back at Hopkinton.    

2. Speaking of the 2015 Ring of Honor festivities. Please join us (RSVP via that link) on October 3rd as we induct Harry (HC '84) and Tom Hennessey '63 into the select group that is the Holy Cross Ring of Honor. I want to personally thank Reggie McIntyre, the head of marketing at Holy Cross, for taking this year's reception and program to an entirely new level. We expect a huge turnout for the 9:30am reception in Hogan Ballroom and halftime induction ceremony at Fitton. Please join us as we honor Harry and Tom while simultaneously celebrating the great tradition of Holy Cross Football and elevating the good name of Alma Mater. #special #risetogether 

3. I want to take a moment and extend my most heartfelt congratulations and gratitude to Pete Mondani '78 who after an incredibly distinguished career will be retiring from GE in 2016. Some on this distribution are certainly aware of Pete's longstanding dedication and commitment to Holy Cross. For those not aware, I welcome highlighting the facts that over the last few decades, Pete has brought 75+ individual Crusaders to work at GE, he has had 5-7 Crusaders intern there each and every summer, and he has mentored and provided career counseling to countless Crusaders long before there was any thought of a formal mentoring program known as the "90-Wide." Pete is a true inspiration and embodies the ultimate in what it means to "bleed Purple.". 

I share these details not only to congratulate and thank Pete but also in the hope that others will be similarly inspired. Please ask yourself how you might also in any small way impact the future professional lives of our current and future Crusaders. Feel free to write to me with any and all ideas and leads so we can put the wheels in motion and continue to pursue victory at every turn. Thank you Pete!!

4. Speaking of Pete, one of the Crusaders who got his start at GE took his skills developed there and subsequently moved on to the highly regarded private equity firm Blackstone. I welcome sharing a recent message I received from Luke Chmielinski '11:    


Hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know we are in the middle of building an HC machine here at Blackstone. We have myself, James McLaughlin (Football '11), Vinny Garafolo (Soccer '12), Pete Anastasio (Football '14) and a new member Carl Losito ('13) all that joined within the past two years. 

I have worked with HR to get on campus recruiting at HC for next year's summer internship program and both Pam Ahearn in Career Planning at Holy Cross and our HR team are psyched!!!

All the best!


How great is that. Talk about excellence. Great job Luke!!

5. Last but not least, if a picture paints a thousand words, this photo below says it all. Major props to Jeff Wiley '87 (Ring of Honor 2013 inductee) and Steve Fox '78 for hosting recent grad Tyler Zeoli as they scrubbed up and "operated" both literally and figuratively. This is what we are talking about, boys and girls. 

So thanks to all for helping us continue to develop a winning culture and commitment to excellence in helping all those connected to Holy Cross Football win both on and off the field.   

Let's Win!!  


Friday, June 20, 2014

HCGLC: Paying Respects and Let's Never Forget

Fellow Crusaders, 

I hope this message finds you doing well. With the official start to summer upon us tomorrow, I hope you have the opportunity to slow down, enjoy increased time with family and friends, and reflect on that which is good in your life. For me personally the fabulous relationships I have with so many on this distribution and throughout the extended Holy Cross Football family brings me untold pleasure. For that, I thank you all. 

1. On that note, many of us had a chance to reconnect recently at the annual Holy Cross Football Golf Outing held this year at Cyprian Keyes Golf Club in Boylston. The winning team consisted of Bob Hurley, Craig Cerretani, Mark Roman, and Jack Laurendeau. The camaraderie was as good as ever although we do need to increase the numbers for this outing and that was a topic of conversation among many of us that day. To that end, we will implement a formal Golf Committee next year to turn out the troops. I thank Glenn Verrette and Curt Bletzer for already stepping up to be on the committee. More on this after the season but with an evenly distributed range of graduating years on the committee, I am confident we can make sure the outing is an SRO event every year. 

Friday, March 28, 2014



I hope this message finds all our loyal and faithful members of the Crusader Football Family doing well. 

With a long winter now hopefully fully in the rear view mirror, I hope those reading this have not neglected your calisthenics during these last few months so as to make the most of what the next few months have to hold for us. 

So let's break out those calendars and circle the following dates so we can bring together Crusader Nation once again and share the camaraderie that makes this family so special and reignite the passion that fuels our fire and commitment to excellence in all we do. 

Can I get a Chu Chu . . . rah rah ??      

Friday, October 25, 2013

HCGLC October Newsletter: 2013 Ring of Honor Video Recap

Fellow Crusaders, 

In a world awash with far too many situations and individuals lacking genuine honor and real character, leave it to selected members of the Holy Cross Football Family for once again displaying a wealth of those virtuous traits in the remarks presented by the 2013 Holy Cross Ring of Honor inductees. 

Allow me to provide a little bit of a preview of the remarks delivered by John Turco '70 on behalf of his Dad '52, by Tom Greene '59, and by Dave Quehl '76. 

In the video link below you will hear references to and remarks touching upon: Eddie O' Melia and the O' Melia Award, Wally Bavaro, Jim Healy, Joe Moore, Syracuse's Jim Brown, Dave Stecchi, Charlie Pachunas, the fact that "no opponent was feared", the pride of Holy Cross, Hop Riopel, Mel Massucco, Bart Sullivan and his arrival on Mt. St. James in 1912,  Mother Teresa, Charlie Randolph and his Dominic, Joe Wilson, Bob Massa, games against West Point and the gray wave, the fact that as Vince Promuto said during his induction remarks in 2010 that Holy Cross is an Ivy League school with soul. 

How refreshing, inspirational, and truly indicative of the pride and passion that defines the Holy Cross Football family.  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday Night's All Right

Fellow Crusaders,

Upon exiting the stadium last evening after Holy Cross' outstanding all around victory (52-21 over CCSU), I learned that Holy Cross had racked up over 500 yards of total offense with 419 of them via the rushing game. 

Shortly after learning that, I overheard a die hard member of the Loyal Order of Purple Brotherhood -- and likely a History major at the Cross -- state "the only apt comparison to the Crusader ground game this evening is "Sherman's March to the Sea." 

Got to love that Holy Cross crowd. A victory on the field and a quick historical perspective provided by a Purple brother off it.   

Monday, September 9, 2013

2013 Ring of Honor: Saturday 9 /21 "Under the Lights"

Fellow Crusaders,

I am going to guess that most people on this distribution can point to a few days every year -- aside from the standard holidays and anniversaries/birthdays -- and say "this is one of my favorite days of the year."

Perhaps it's that day of an annual member-guest golf outing, the opening of fishing or hunting season, an annual excursion with a son or daughter to a ballgame or a show, or a day out with "the boys" or "the girls" for a special outing to a special spot.

These days and the memories created are truly special and make life worth living.

In short order over the course of the last few years, one of my favorite days every year is now the day in which past Holy Cross Football greats are inducted into the Ring of Honor. Why is this day so special?