Friday, June 29, 2012

62 Days/Operation Touchdown

Fellow 'Saders, 

I hope this message finds everybody doing well and getting ready to enjoy the upcoming 4th of July celebration. While that great day is on the immediate horizon, there is plenty going on behind the scenes to make the upcoming Crusader Football season and the opening kickoff under the lights against UNH a rousing success. What is going on? 

1. In the message sent out ten days ago I touched upon an initiative to reach out to the local Worcester community and create a real sense of partnership. Purely for marketing purposes among the faithful on this distribution I designated this partnership program Operation Touchdown. Well, MAJOR KUDOS to the college administration and Dick Regan for taking the kickoff to this operation and putting some major points on the board. How so? Check this out. 

As part of the overall 2012 Ticket Sales for Holy Cross Football, the college has taken the definition of partnership to an entirely new level,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

71 Days/HCGLC Operations

Fellow 'saders, 

I hope and trust this message finds all the members of The Grand and Loyal Purple Brotherhood doing just fine. With the kickoff to the 2012 HC Football season a mere 71 days away I can only assume that all the brothers and sisters on this distribution are actively engaged in the requisite training for the 2012 edition of Crusader Football. ;-)

On that note, what is going on with the HCGLC? I am glad you asked. 

We are actively involved in a number of operations to fulfill the mission of the HCGLC: "committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field."

I.   Operation Fill Fitton Field ...self-explanatory...
II.  Operation Team Impact ...a fabulous partnership with an organization doing special things... 
III. Operation Touchdown ...a further extension of the partnering initiatives ongoing between the City of Worcester and Holy Cross...  

Let's go....

Saturday, June 2, 2012

2012 Ring of Honor Inductees

A fabulous day was had by one and all yesterday at Blackstone National Golf Club. THE MAN upstairs graced us with a perfect day and the Purple Brotherhood made the most of it. 

The young guns of Dominic Randolph, Brett McDermott, Tommy Fleming, and Taylor Glor finished in first place in a match of cards with a stellar score of 62. 

Particular thanks go to all those who played and/or sponsored the outing. Special thanks to Mark Cannon '77, Craig Cerretani '79, and Dan Walsh (an honorary Crusader) of Team Impact for their elevated level of support. 

We had John Provost, Gordie Lockbaum, and Joe Wilson, three current members of the Ring of Honor amidst our troops. 

We also announced the 2012 Class to be inducted to the Ring of Honor on the evening of August 30th when the Cross plays UNH. I am pleased to inform the faithful here of the following inductees (a formal press release will go out early next week):