Tuesday, April 23, 2013

HCGLC April Newsletter: "Lots Going On"

LOTS GOING ON: Items Covered in this Newsletter
I. Holy Cross Football Annual Golf Outing 
II. 2013 Ring of Honor Nominees 
III. Mission Excellence: "Bring Back BC" 
IV. Thank You 

I. Holy Cross Football Golf Outing
Blackstone National Golf Club 227 Putnam Hill Rd., Sutton MA Phone 508-865-2111
Directions: http://www.bngc.net/directions
Club Website: http://www.bngc.net/

CURRENT ATTENDEES INCLUDE: Peter Shimkus, Craig Cerretani, Bob Hurley, Peter Colombo, Jack Laurendeau, Dom Randolph, Taylor Glor, Tommy Fleming, Brett McDermott, Rich Prestegaard, Greg Draddy, Ben Koller, John Carr, John "Whitey" Moynihan, Larry Doyle, Bill Bellerose, Paul Matasavage, Gordie Lockbaum, Michael Hession, Chris Degenhardt, John Hackney, Chuck Doyle, Brendan Sullivan, Steve "Gerald" Hiorns, Glenn Verrette, Bill "Elmo" Wright, Danny Lucey, Steve Hunt, Jack Maher, Mike Ripp, CJ Millett, Peter Quinlan, Terry Cardew, Chris Schott, Dave Sheehan, Jim Hall, Tom Claro, Ron Maheu, Peter Barrett, Mike Hennessey, Bill Hoye, Kevin Connolly, Jack Landers,

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bring Back BC

This recent communication was delivered to members of the Holy Cross athletic administration and board of trustees: 

An increasingly growing number of Holy Cross alumni have reached out to me to engage you in the pursuit of scheduling a football game with Boston College. 

Obviously there are a lot of moving parts to this equation but the conversation among the alums includes the following aspects: 

1. Schedules are certainly made years in advance so to think that a game of this sort could be scheduled in 2016 or 2017 for a 2018 or 2020 delivery obviously would not work. 

2. Knowing the forward thinking involved with this effort, the alumni involved in this discussion believe that a 2017 delivery would be the appropriate year to get the Eagles back on the schedule. Why is that? The reasons and motivations include but are not exclusively the following: