Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

Fellow Crusaders, 

All too often our nation, our business, our markets, our politics, and so many aspects of our lives focus on the very short term. Even our sports tend to focus on the short term as well. How many times do we seem to focus on and debate the outcome of yesterday's game without appreciating the efforts, the commitment, and the teamwork that are required to generate even a modicum of success. Dare I say the pride and passion of tradition are embodied much more in the latter than the former. 

Don't get me wrong, victories are critically important. Why else do they keep score? 

That said, as we gather together to celebrate our traditional Thanksgiving feasts, is there any doubt that our real sense of gratitude lies not in outcomes but much more in the effort expended and the relationships developed along the way. 

In that spirit and with the Holy Cross Football team having just completed its seventh straight winning season, I think there would be many on this distribution who would join me in thanking:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Credit Goes To.....

Fellow Crusaders, 

What a world. 

With our global markets and economy continuing on a daily roller-coaster and events in the world of college athletics getting roiled by the unfolding travesty and tragedy at Penn State, where can one turn to receive a dose of meaningful integrity and admiration these days? Well, in my opinion, I think we need not look any further than the 23 seniors at Holy Cross who will take Fitton Field for the final time this coming Saturday vs Lafayette.