Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welcome to Chu Chu Rah Rah!!!!

On behalf of the collective brethren who truly love and support Holy Cross Football, I want to welcome you to Chu Chu Rah Rah (, an independent website for the Crusader Football Family!!

Knowing that there are truly thousands of Holy Cross alums, former players, current players, Gridiron Club members, parents, friends, and assorted others who are sincerely passionate about the Holy Cross Football program, this site is dedicated to creating a true sense of community and an impassioned voice in support of the program. In the process, I certainly envision that existing relationships amongst our troops will grow stronger, past relationships will reconnect, and new relationships will clearly flourish. No doubt, many who know little to nothing about the College of the Holy Cross and the Crusader Football program will learn how special this school and this program truly are. How great is that? Simply outstanding!

The site will look to spread the word about fabulous existing initiatives recently initiated by the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council (the "90-Wide" Mentoring program, the Jackie Mo' Lifetime Achievement Award, and more). We will also highlight the newly launched annual Building the Brand/Ring of Fame program. We will broadcast a wide array of topics, including receptions, meetings, interviews, and more.  Beyond these efforts, the possibilities and impact are truly endless.

Chu Chu Rah Rah is hardly a finished product with this launch. We welcome ideas as to how we can make the site more impactful, energized, and FUN! As with any site and community, this effort will only take off with the support and the voice of those who care about Holy Cross Football. What can you do to help the cause?

1. Put the site in your favorites.
2. Visit and comment often.
3. Be a guest contributor/commentator. We welcome writers.
4. SPREAD the WORD about the site amongst your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or anybody who may care to join the Crusader Football Family.
5. Let us know what you think we might add to the site.

Knowing that many from outside our Crusader Football Family will be attracted to the site, we will maintain a professional, respectful, and first class community. We welcome all comments, including the critically constructive, but the site will not be a forum for classless, disrespectful diatribe.

Given that the 2010 rendition of the Holy Cross Crusaders will be convening for summer camp within the next week to ten days, I know I speak for all those currently behind Chu Chu Rah Rah in sending the message to the team and coaches that we are behind you every step of the way, and look forward to helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field.

Let's Win!! Chu Chu Rah Rah!!

Larry Doyle '83


  1. Great addition to Holy Cross sports. Thanks for creating and for all the football fans, "Let's do it 2010!"

  2. Purple People Eater,

    You get the award for the first comment at Chu Chu Rah Rah. Your award is a ticket for a free dirty water dog at the Howard game. Pick up the award at the ticket box down by Freshman Field!!

    In all seriousness, this site will hopefully go a long way to becoming Holy Cross Football's 12th man.

    Yes, Let's do it again in 2010!! Well said.



    Good luck in 2010 Saders!!

  4. Nice addition!!! Hope many former players and alums contribute here. A strong base of communication is needed to know what really is going on at HOLY CROSS and its storied football program.
    BEAT BC !!!

  5. Purple 1,

    This site looks forward to LOTS of communication on a host of Holy Cross Football topics amongst past, present, and future Crusaders. Spread the word!!


  6. How about scheduling some more Ivy League opponents?


  7. We don't need the Ivies, let them go and play with themselves.

  8. Professor Doyle,
    Nice job setting up this site. Living in the Midwest, I've been disconnected for a long time. Matter of fact I got wind of this site from a Colgate alum (my neighbor). His son and mine are close friends and played hockey together. We started comparing notes and discovered we played against each other as he was an offensive guard at Colgate when I played for the Cross. Somehow he stumbled on this site and sent the link to me. He reminds me all the time of the butt kicking we took my sophomore year in Hamilton NY. That's when Wheelwright went off on Coach Foley because we couldn't block anyone that day. The Gate was tough in those days.

    Doug "Rhino" Pietrick 83

  9. Love the Idea of the Blog - Lets hope a lot of HC Football fans join and share ideas

  10. Rhino,

    Great to hear from you. Your neighbor must be all over these blogs because my better half literally just launched this operation this past Saturday.

    We can dnd will have plenty of fun with this while supporting Coach Gilmore and the boys while we're at it.

    I recall that Colgate game as if it were yesterday. I was visiting Torts in Syracuse and we went over that afternoon. The Cross has had its ups and downs with Coach Allen's situation being particularly tragic. God bless him and his family.

    Coach Gilmore has done a fabulous job. You would definitely like him. All business and has produced fabulous results. Great kids in the program.

    Check the site often as we will have a variety of contributing writers and will cover a wide array of topics.


  11. Bill Doyle '48August 2, 2010 at 5:23 PM

    NOVEMBER 28, 1942--a football game that every Holy Cross football fan should never forget. It was played at Fenway Park, the home of the Red Sox, before a crowd of some 40,000 fans. Boston College was undefeated, rated #1 in the country. Their victories were lopsided. On the other hand, Holy Cross came into the game with a mediocre record.

    What I saw for the next few hours was truly unbelievable. The Crusaders could not be stopped. Their offense, both on offense and on defense, dominated the entire game. The backfield play of Grigas and Bezemes truly excelled, both in running and passing. However, I always felt that the line play by the Cross turned the game into a rout. The Cross had two tackles, George Connor and Jim Landrigan, who simply dominated the opposition. The Cross led at half time either by a score of 20-0 or 20-6. My memory of close to 68 years is not clear on this fact. However, the score of the first half was not important. The Cross just dominated the second half, scoring 35 points, ending the game having scored 55 points. This game was the biggest upset that I have ever seen.

    Bill Doyle '48

  12. Go on ebay and you can but black and white photos of the Fenway scoreboard in the 4th qtr and the stadium with the bleachers set up on the grass before the crowd was let in. Part of a Boston historical archive.