Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Checking In with Craig Cerretani '79

Where are they now? Where are some of the members of the Purple Pride who graced Fitton Field over the years? How did they get to Worcester in the first place? What are some of the special Holy Cross Football memories they carry with them? What would they say to the current contingent of Crusaders? Answers to these questions and more will be found as we "check in" with former HC gridders.

Today let's check in with Craig Cerretani '79.

1. What attracted you to Holy Cross in the first place?

I had signed a contract out of high school to play professional baseball
in the Chicago Cubs organization.  At the time, I forfeited all my
amateur status as an athlete, placing all emphasis on a professional
baseball career.  

Well, after 3 years in the Cubs organization, it was clear that my
skills were simply not good enough to make it.  By happenstance, the
NCAA changed the ruling regarding amateur status, opening up the
opportunity for me to play football.

That said, I was looking for an opportunity that would combine
exceptional academics with a competitive football schedule.  Holy Cross
offered the best combination of both: challenging yet nurturing
academics with a football program that played the likes of Boston
College, Air Force Academy, West Point, Rutgers, U-Conn and U-Mass. I
also knew that, at the end of the day, it was my liberal arts education
that was paramount!

2. Most memorable moment in your Holy Cross Football career?

That's an easy one...I had the distinct honor of being named Co-Captain
of the last 2 Holy Cross Teams to beat Boston College.  Beating Boston
College by a score of 30-29 in my last college game was so very special,
indeed!  The game ball sits proudly in my Boston office.  Also, in the
interest of full disclosure...Glenn Verrette made one of the best plays
I can remember...after getting picked by a wide receiver, free safety
Glenn tipped the 2 point conversion, preserving the win!

3. What would you like to share with your past teammates about your Holy Cross Football experience?

My Holy Cross football AND academic experience was life changing.
Lessons learned in the classroom and on Fitton...NEVER give up and be
the best you can be with dignity, honor and respect.

4. What would you say to the current Holy Cross Football team?

Frankly, the talent level on the current team is exceptional along with
a superlative coaching staff that works to "mold young men" to be the
best they can be.  Take advantage of that opportunity and give 110% to
everything, making yourself indispensable.  The lessons learned there
will yield overwhelming benefits in life!

5. What are you doing currently and what impact did Holy Cross Football specifically and the college at large have in bringing you to your current place in life?

I am one of the Co-Founders of Longfellow Benefits, an employee benefits
consulting organization in Boston that employs 28 FTE's.  Lessons
learned from football: 

1. NEVER give up 
2. live the Ignatian way, taking your God given talents to be the best you can be 
3. treat ALL people with the dignity and respect they deserve
4. take the fruits of your labor and...give back
5. act as a steward for the future of Holy Cross and the Football Program  

Thank you Craig for all you do and have done for Crusader Football!!! Good thing you could not hit the curve or who knows how those BC games would have played out!!

You look like you could still go across the middle!! Chu Chu Rah Rah...!!
Craig Cerretani '79

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  1. Truly a great person with a passion for Holy Cross and its football program. I believe Craig caught 11 passes vs. BC one year and was a sure handed target.
    May Holy Cross reinstitute football scholarships, so we can play the schedule that Craig was able to participate in.
    Looking forward to seeing you in the Fall.