Sunday, October 3, 2010

Remarks at Building the Brand/Ring of Fame Reception

October 2, 2010

With a spectacular early fall day atop Mt. St. James on the outside and a couple hundred of my closest Holy Cross friends on the inside, it doesn't get any better than this.  

I'm Larry Doyle, chair of the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council. On behalf of all those on our council, and I believe all those in attendance today, I feel exceptionally confident in stating that this reception, today's ceremony, and every effort that has gone into launching the Building the Brand Ring of Fame is truly one of Holy Cross' finest hours. I thank everybody connected to this effort both on and off campus in making this day a reality. I want to specifically thank the Holy Cross administration and our President Fr. Michael McFarland, the Athletics  Office and the members of our council. I want to draw special attention to the man who had the vision for this day and this initiative and has worked tirelessly to bring them to fruition. I am honored to count this man as a  friend and that is Ron Maheu of the Class of 1964.  

The mission of the HCGLC is very simple and very succinctly stated. We are committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field. There is no doubt that those we are honoring today have embodied that commitment to excellence in their own lives, have played to win the games both on and off the field, and have brought great fame, honor, and distinction to themselves and our Alma Mater in the process.

While today may very well mark a culmination of sorts for our honorees, rest assured what we are doing today is no culmination but rather an embarkment. As we induct our inaugural class into the Ring of Fame, we set out to spread their commitment to excellence and that of our Alma Mater in playing to win both on and off the field.

Additionally, given that the Building the Brand/Ring of Fame will be an annual event means it is not a question of if but only when that today's honorees will be joined by the likes of Jon Morris, Jack Lentz, Joe Wilson, Bruce Kozerski, Buzz Harvey, Jeff Wiley, George Connor, Pat McCarthy, Tommy Greene, Rob McGovern, Harry Flaherty, Dominic Randolph and so many more who have worn the Purple and brought great pride and honor to our beloved Alma Mater. While all of these individuals have been connected to so many great feats and exploits on the field of play when you take a real measure of these men they consistently have displayed that same commitment to excellence in leading remarkable lives off the field as well.

In addition to highlighting the distinctions and accomplishments of honorees today and in the future, the greatness of this program extends far beyond that. I am thrilled that this program has served to bring so many members of our extended Holy Cross family together. In looking around the room and seeing alums from the early 1940s and projecting forward to my son Timmy in the class of 2021 we span 80+ years of Holy Cross pride. How great is that? I am especially pleased to see alums from the 1970s joining us today and want to give a special shout out to Mark Cannon, Mike Pizzotti, Mark Vollman, Frank Matasavage, Bobby Morton, and many more. Welcome home, boys!! Gentlemen, do me a favor and let "Moon" Mullen know 'we'll leave the light on.' 
As with any family that truly works, we look out for one another, we mentor our Crusaders. As an aside our '90-Wide' formal mentoring program for Crusader Football student-athletes now has 115 alums across 25 states and 20 industries. This year we will also be mentoring the Holy Cross cheerleaders. The mentoring program exemplifies the essence of Jesuit principles and education.

Yes, today we do celebrate our past, but we are also driving  boldly into the future, so when faced with that greatest of Jesuit questions of "how then shall we live?", we can and will proudly point to the perseverance of our brother from Providence RI, Bill Osmanski, the teaching and coaching of our brother from Lowell MA, Ed Murphy, the charity of our brother from the Bronx, NY, Vince Promuto, the grace of our brother from Quincy, MA John Provost, the vision of our brother from New Orleans, LA, Gil Fenerty, and the character of our brother from south Jersey, Gordie Lockbaum. In  honoring these men today we enthusiastically embrace their excellence. We encourage those across all corners of this campus from the halls of academia, to the administrative offices, and to the boardroom to join with us in actively supporting Holy Cross Football, elevating this excellence, building this brand, and carrying this mantel to all parts of our great nation.   

As true sons and daughters of Holy Cross and disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to do nothing less. Today we celebrate and honor our brothers and  tomorrow we point to them as the shining examples of what Holy Cross truly represents.

I thank everybody here today who will join me and the HCGLC in this great and worthy cause.  

Chu Chu rah, rah...LET'S WIN!! 
Thank you very much!!    

LD '83
Chair, HCGLC   

A Photo from Today's Worcester Telegram and Gazette   


  1. Imagine Fitton in 25 years from now fully renovated with awesome locker rooms, lights, video scoreboard and updated bathrooms (and Fouracre still announcing, of course). Consider entering the stadium, looking up and seeing the many names of HOF players along the perimeter. To me, that is what this past Saturday was all about. Honor, Tradition, Legacy! The look of pride on the faces of the inaugural class inductees was undeniable and moving. That is an experience that should be shared every year. May I also recommend HC create a HOF pavillion where the biographies of the recipients is permanently situated so future generations can not only see the names of the 'greats' but also have access to their accomplishments. Thanks to the Council, Larry and Mr. Maheu for both having a vision and making it happen. Honor, Tradition, Legacy!

  2. I want to imagine Fitton in 2-5 years having the needed upgrades which you have mentioned! These are well within reach of being accomplished in short order by an active Gridiron Club. The administration or BOT has to be proactive in their committment to the football progam by re instituting football scholarships. This will send a strong, positive message to the alums; which will allow better development engagement with many.
    ' Dare To Be Great '