Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Color on the '90-Wide' Mentoring Program

Last Thursday evening, November 4th, Mr. Bill Maloney '59 led his 26th rendition of a
Mentoring/Career Planning evening for the HC Football team. Hats off to Bill,
Dominic Blue '98, Craig Cerretani '79, Dan Adams '07, Pete Mondani '79, and Brian Hopkins '98 as they and yours truly provided career and life wisdom and passion to the current
Crusader gridiron contingent and the Holy Cross cheerleaders as well.

The night started at 7pm and was still going strong with personal conversations at 10pm.

As we try to institutionalize this process via the formal '90-Wide' Mentoring
Program, I thought people may like to review a cross section of some of the
student-athlete's positive feedback on the mentoring program at large and
selected mentors individually.

As we look to compete with the top colleges/universities in the nation, this
mentoring program will continue to distinguish our Alma Mater and our student-athletes.
Mentoring is the essence of Jesuit principles. Thank you again to all those who mentor our Crusaders. You are helping us pursue our HCGLC mission of being committed to excellence on and off the field. We will incorporate the 35 new HC alums who have volunteered for this mentoring program and roll out the second rendition in early December with a full contingent of 115 HC alums spread across 25 states and 20 industries.

That should cover it.


1. Has been great. Mr. Guilfoile is a great man and has been an outstanding
mentor. He has gone above and beyond to contact me and keep in touch with me. I
continue to learn more and more about Mr.Guilfoile and am at the point where I
am comfortable asking him anything about his career.

2. Awesome experience. I earned a prime time internship as a sophomore because of
Mr. Hilson's guidance andsupport. My relationship with Mr. Hilson is great. He
is an unbelievable man.

3. Wonderful. My mentoring relationship is really developing and very helpful to
my transition into college as well as adapting to college life.

4. It has gone well so far. This summerI shadowed Mr. Verrette for the day at
FHO Partners in Boston. This opened up my eyes to a field I am interested in
getting involved in. I am very pleased with the relationship with my mentor.

5. Peter Mondani has been thegreatest mentor I could ever have. Pete has given
me opportunity after opportunity. The advice, critiques, and recommendations have
made me such a better person inside and outside of the business world. Peter
inspired me to go for the FMP internship this past summer. I felt like I did a
great job and it was because of the confidence Pete instilled in me. I can't
thank him enough.

6. Great communication. Dr. Joe Ciccone brought Taylor Glor '10 and me to Beth
Israel Hospital for a day to shadow him righti n the operating room!! He was
extremely helpful in getting permission for us to be right next to him during
surgery. After a long day, we enjoyed a greatdinner with Joe.

7. Mr. Grutt and I have kept in closecontact throughout this year. Last winter I
was fortunate enough to meet Mr.Grutt in his office, learn about his business
and meet his colleagues Our relationshipcontinues to grow.

8. I am extremely fortunate to be involved in a program like this. The mentors
are willing to do whatever they possibly can to help. Over the past year Cindy
Mercer and I have developed a strong relationship. Cindy has provided me with the
opportunity to meet many of her colleagues and actually got me involved in a
number of volunteer opportunities.

9. I have met with my mentor and gained a lot from the meeting. Mr. Chuck Doyle
was very helpful in mapping out future plans for life after Holy Cross. I will
look to reconnect with Mr. Doyle after the season and learn even more from him.
He clearly has a genuine interest in my development.

10. This program is unbelievable. I am humbled to be following in the footsteps
of the mentors in this program. I wish I had been more proactive with this
program up until now. I will be utilizing this program much more now as a senior.

11. It is a great advantage to have amentor. We keep in regular contact and he
keeps me on the right path. I would never want a different mentor than Mr. Adams.

12. Mr. Laurendeau is awesome. He is veryhelpful and always prompt in answering
my questions and providing feedback.

13. The '90-Wide' is an outstanding program. My mentor Mr. Ed Doyle and I have
had many contacts throughout the past year. He was extremely helpful in guiding
me through the process of getting an internship. Mr. Doyle is a fantastic
resource and I could not ask him to do anything more.

14. I stay in regular contact with my mentor Mr. Cerretani. It has been great to
get feedback and to learn from his experience. I look forward to continuing our

15. KC Sullivan has given me plenty of good advice on both school and careers. He
has also helped revise my resume.

16. The mentoring program has been awesome. I have had a great relationship with
Casey Gough. Additionally I have gained a new mentor in Mr. O'Gara who has helped
me tremendously. He provided me an internship this past year at the Chicago Board
of Trade. Mr. Tom O'Brien is also a very valuable mentor to me as well.

17. Fantastic. This program is very helpful with resume building and making Holy
Cross connections. Mr. Prestegaard has helped me develop my resume and other
skills. His input and advice has been very beneficial.

Larry Doyle
Chair, HCGLC

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