Thursday, July 7, 2011

Countdown to Kickoff: 57 Days...Update and Story on Crusader Legend Jon Morris '64

With the Countdown to Kickoff a mere 57 days away.....

1. Ticket sales for the opening game "under the lights" remain at a very brisk pace. Thank you to those who have already purchased. If you have not done so yet, make sure you get on the horn first thing tomorrow at (508) 793-2573 and buy those tix...
!! ;-)

2. Alums and groups of alums will be coming in from far and wide including: California, Wyoming, Arizona, Chicago (a good sized contingent), Ohio, Missouri, Delaware, DC, PA, Jersey, New York, South Carolina, and points all over New England.(this is what I know of ...I am sure plenty more are coming from other points). Let us know if you are coming and from where by signing the Guest Book at the Fill Fitton Field site highlighted below. 

3. A busload of alums from Fairfield County is being arranged. If anybody cares, contact Chuck Doyle '86 at to get on board. I do believe buses from other regions are being arranged. Contact the head of your local alumni club and prompt them to make this happen.

4. A number of school groups will be in attendance. I know specifically of a large (100+) contingent coming from Malden Catholic. MAJOR HIGH FIVE to Mark Cannon '77 for making that happen. I also believe a large group from New Bedford High School will be in attendance. High five to Denny Golden '89. I do believe arrangements for other schools and teams are in the works. Thanks for everybody involved on this front. What other schools and clubs can we get involved?  

5. The effort to have local Worcester school children attending via donated tix is off and running. I know a nice sized contingent from The Nativity School in Worcester will be attending due to the generosity of one alum. Thank you Ed Doyle '82. 
If you can not be with us in person on 9/1, join us in spirit by purchasing ticket(s) and donating them to this Worcester Schoolchildren Fund. Who knows, perhaps the young boy or girl in attendance will be so inspired by the Purple Pride on display and will want to attend The Cross someday....thanks to you.

6. A good sized contingent from the Central Massachusetts Chapter of the High School Football Officials will be in attendance after a clambake tailgate that afternoon.

7. Every local high school of players from both HC and UMass are being contacted to come see 'their boys' compete. Additionally all high schools in New England have been or will be contacted.

8. Alums from teams and eras connected to the honorees are organizing to come back and stand up for their teammates/classmates being inducted into the Ring of Honor. (George Connor, Jon Morris '64, Joe Wilson '73, Bruce Kozerski '84). We know some of last year's honorees will be in attendance as well and ready to meet this year's honorees at midfield.

9. Details have gone out and will be redelivered to all of the local chambers of commerce and media outlets.

10. Holy Cross Magazine will be talking it up.

11. Will our fellow alum The Sports Guy Bill Simmons at ESPN respond to the numerous invitations delivered by the HCGLC? He can't say he hasn't been invited.

All I got for now, ....although I should share that Linda George in the HC Ticket Office told me, "I CAN'T WAIT to see Joe Wilson. He's such a nice guy!! 
Another alum said, "I have not felt this much excitement around a Holy Cross Football game since the BC game at Foxboro."

Get on board and buy your tix sooner rather than later, unless you want to be in the nosebleed or the endzone. 

PLEASE spread this message and get people to attend. Do not assume or presume that others will carry the torch. We need EVERYBODY INVOLVED spreading the word!! Especially people connected to local civic groups, clubs, and organizations.

Sign the Guest Book at Fill Fitton Field if you have not already indicating that you are coming or merely to send a message of encouragement.  
There is great pride on display and it will inspire others as well. (Kudos to Brendan Devlin '01 for launching this site) some fun and check out all the other parts of the Fill Fitton Field site. 
Purple Pride!!

LET'S WIN...and make sure we give our Crusaders a real homefield advantage in the process!! 

LD '83 

A nice article ran recently in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette on Crusader legend Jon Morris '64 who will be inducted into the Holy Cross Ring of Honor prior to the game on 9/1. I thought you may enjoy reading, ...then go buy your tickets so you can be there when WE MAKE HISTORY!! 

Now enjoy....


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