Friday, January 13, 2012

Save the Dates....and MUCH MORE!!

Fellow Crusaders, 

Happy New Year!! I hope you and your families had a beautiful Christmas season and that all good things lie ahead for you in 2012. Included in those good things we certainly expect there to be a healthy dose of Purple Passion and Pride!!  

With 2011 now in the rear view mirror, the HCGLC has a strong 2-plus years of foundation under our belt.  

In 2012 we look forward to further pursuing our mission, ("commitment to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field"). As we do so, we look to build upon the success of the HCGLC to date and transition our efforts "From Community to Culture". More on this later and throughout the year.

For now, break out your date books or your Blackberries or whatever you use to keep your calendar and please IMMEDIATELY put in the following SAVE the DATES!! 
1. Holy Cross Football Luncheon  Saturday, 2/11/12, 12:00 Noon Hogan Ballroom 
>>This event will be preceded by an informational session led by Casey Gough '08 for the team and anybody else who would like to attend on the "Do's and Don'ts of Networking" at 11am. Thank you Casey!! 

2. Spring Game/Barbecue Sat 4/14/12  Game @11:00 AM, Cookout @ 2:00 PM
>>The HCGLC will also award the Jackie Mo' Lifetime Achievement Award at the reception. Who will join past winners Jackie Mo' himself and Jack Scott in being selected for this most prestigious award? The nominating period remains open until April 1st.  

3. Varsity Club Dinner Sat 5/5/12 @ 5:00 PM
>>Let's make sure to get a strong representation to see current HC gridders accept their hardware and congratulate those past HC greats whom will be entering the HC Hall of Fame. 
4. Holy Cross Football Golf Outing Friday June 1, 2012, Blackstone National GC
>>In order to operate this outing at the level and in the fashion at which it belongs, the HCGLC will look to incorporate a formal Golf Committee for purposes of 'turning out the troops' for what is always a fabulous event. More on this as we approach springtime.   

5. Kickoff to the 2012 Holy Cross Football Season...never too early to start planning.   
>>Are you ready for an encore presentation "under the lights" along with some payback for the University of New Hampshire Wildcats? As reported recently, 

University of New Hampshire unveiled the team’s 2012 schedule, which kicks off with a Thursday night game at Holy Cross (Aug. 30). 

Rest assured we will look to show our newly inducted President Fr. Boroughs a great time while inspiring our HC faithful and the residents of the Woo to FILL FITTON FIELD.   


1. Was it 25 years ago that the Crusaders went undefeated in winning the mythical 1-AA national  championship? Thanks to a loyal Crusader for sharing the Best of the Patriot League Football 25th Anniversary. Along with that '87 team, a few Crusaders by the name of Gordie Lockbaum and a defensive back Dave Murphy also receive prominent mention in that link!! Congrats to the '87 team, Gordie, and Dave for this recognition. 

Speaking of that 1987 team, one would think it is a 'no-brainer' that we look to honor that group during the upcoming season. 

2. The HCGLC recently sent out the "90-Wide the 3rd Edition" to our 125  dedicated mentors and their mentees. If anybody on this distribution would like a copy of the Spreadsheet which lays out this fabulous program please let me know and I will forward it. 

We are thrilled to learn that the Holy Cross Baseball Team is in the process of launching a similar mentoring initiative. Kudos to Bill Cupelo '09 for spearheading that effort. 

3. Bill Maloney '59 informed us recently that we lost a great one with the passing of Dave Stecchi. I had the distinct honor and pleasure of meeting Dave at the Ring of Honor ceremony both in 2010 and 2011. Dave was inducted into the HC Hall of Fame and epitomized what it means to be a Crusader. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. 

4. Our friends at TV 3 in Worcester share with us a halftime interview with Coach Gilmore during this week's HC-Navy hoop game. This 7-minute clip is fabulous as the coach talks about recruiting, the high expectations for the 2012 team, the '90-Wide' mentoring, and much more.   

Lastly, I am continually asked to add more and more friends of Holy Cross Football to this distribution which now numbers well over 1200. Any effort of real meaning always wants to grow. On that note, do your friends and family members---who are not on this distribution but should be---a favor and preemptively share their e-mail addresses with me so we can grow our audience and further our mission!! 

Our goal for 2012 is to increase distribution by 50% so we can more effectivelyTransition the HCGLC from a WINNING Community to a WINNING CULTURE!!!  

Thanks for your continued support. 

Comments, questions, suggestions? Do not be bashful and know that The Suggestion Box is always open. 

I know we have no interest in losing, so.....

LET'S WIN!!     

LD '83

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