Friday, June 29, 2012

62 Days/Operation Touchdown

Fellow 'Saders, 

I hope this message finds everybody doing well and getting ready to enjoy the upcoming 4th of July celebration. While that great day is on the immediate horizon, there is plenty going on behind the scenes to make the upcoming Crusader Football season and the opening kickoff under the lights against UNH a rousing success. What is going on? 

1. In the message sent out ten days ago I touched upon an initiative to reach out to the local Worcester community and create a real sense of partnership. Purely for marketing purposes among the faithful on this distribution I designated this partnership program Operation Touchdown. Well, MAJOR KUDOS to the college administration and Dick Regan for taking the kickoff to this operation and putting some major points on the board. How so? Check this out. 

As part of the overall 2012 Ticket Sales for Holy Cross Football, the college has taken the definition of partnership to an entirely new level,

. . . . for first-time season ticket buyers living in the city of Worcester, a 

special price of just $30.00. 

(That is $5.00 per game. For a family of four, this is compellingly attractive in

the current economy and marketplace. For anybody with friends or family in 

Worcester please highlight this spectacular ticket program. This program 

should help Fill Fitton field on 8/30 and increase attendance throughout the season.  )   

. . . . On the ticket order form, fans are also able to purchase 

tickets to the Aug. 30 night game against New Hampshire which will be 

donated to local youth programs, allowing a great number of area children 

an opportunity to attend this special event without cost.  

On both these efforts, I am asking for the help and support of those on this distribution. 

Share these programs as far and wide as possible. 

Please get involved and purchase a ticket or multiple tickets to be donated to local Worcester youth. You may never know the impact of the life you change by your generosity. Isn't that what charity is all about? 

Will be back with more incentives for those on this distribution to participate in this program although the program really should sell itself. 

Just picture the excitement on some young kid's face as he thinks about attending a college football game under the lights. . . and you made it happen. 

How many should I put you down for? 

GET INVOLVED. MAKE THAT KID'S DAY!! I am taking the over on 2000 local Worcester kids coming to this game as a result of this program. 

HELP make that happen!! This is an integral part of what winning off the field is truly all about.       

2. Beyond Operation Touchdown, a special offer is being made to young alums: 

. . . For recent Holy Cross graduates (from the past five 

graduating classes - 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012) we 

will be offering a special adult season ticket of just $54.00.

3. How do you know the message and mission of the HCGLC is resonating? 

I keep hearing from more and more alums, especially young alums, "how 

do I get involved?" and "what can I do to support the cause?" My 

response is as follows: 

-- Become a mentor. Please send me your contact info and I will get you involved. New mentoring relationships are assigned after the season in December. We like to give the new freshman a semester to get settled.  

-- Be a spokesman. Talk up the HCGLC, the mentoring program, and the alumni support for the HC Football program and by extension the college. Word of mouth is always the best form of marketing. When possible, share the message with people in your local community who are close to the local high schools. Let them know about scholarship football coming in 2013 to the PL. 
--Talk up our efforts with your teammates, classmates, friends, neighbors, and others so that they are aware of how special the HC football program and related efforts truly are. 

--Get to a game back in Worcester and bring your friends/teammates. The evening of August 30th should be special. JOIN US!! 
--Make a gift to the Gridiron Club. Even a small gift is very meaningful. Real strength is derived not only in terms of dollars generated but also in terms of total number of donors.   
--Utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other form of social media to spread our messages which are always posted on Chu Chu Rah Rah.    

That is all for now. Will be back with more in mid-July regarding details for the 30th. In the interim, buy your tickets, spread the word about the special ticket programs and partnership with the city of Worcester (seriously, how pumped do you think the boys at Breens, Herbies, Moynihans, and all the other fine establishments in Worcester will be when they think, "Hey, they remembered us and WANT US BACK!!!")


LD '83

HCGLC Mission: "committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field"  

please accept my apology if you receive this message more than once...

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