Friday, October 14, 2011

"I Hate Losing..."

Fellow Crusaders,

Who doesn't hate losing? But then who is willing to put in the requisite effort and has the ability to lead a team to success? 

There is a quote in a newspaper today which address losing. There is another quote highlighted just below and captured in an interview almost eight years ago which addresses effort. 

"We have to begin this process by outworking other people in all areas.  A great work ethic can solve a lot of problems, but we also have to improve on other fronts .......
"I believe that Holy Cross will climb back to the top of the Patriot League ........." 

Talk about keeping one's word. Tom Gilmore and our Crusaders have put in huge effort over the years. 

This year's contingent will look to rebound tomorrow at Fitton Field against the Big Green of Dartmouth on Kid's Day. Bring your own kids and all their buddies. 

What does Coach Gilmore have to say about tomorrow's game? From today's Worcester Telegram

"I hate losing, maybe more than anyone in the world..."     

No doubt about that. 

Let's get behind Coach Gilmore and our men tomorrow at Fitton as they look to get back on track with a big W and pick up momentum going into Patriot League action the following week.  


I received a nice video recap of the Ring of Honor ceremony this week. We will look to get it uploaded and displayed online in the very near future. The pride and passion on display are palpable.

As a teaser and incentive for those on this distribution to watch and share the video when it is distributed I offer the following quotes without attribution. Some may know who is speaking. Many may just appreciate being associated with the obvious quality of our brethren.

"This is one excited guy you're looking at right now. Unless you've played college football you don't understand the honor that this is that your school would recognize you. It's been 48 years since I played for Holy Cross......."

"I can't even express what this night would have meant to Dad. He would have loved to have been here....."   

"I'm fired up because it's Holy Cross Football under the lights. I'm Class of '77 and a lot of my teammates are here....."

"I'm from Scottsdale, Arizona. It's so exciting to be back at Fitton Field and see so many buddies. It's been 30+ years for most of us...."

"1980 we got out of here but it's like we never left. It's fantastic to be back here. Actually it's the first time I've had an opportunity to come back for a football game and I'm excited to see this Ring of Honor and the tradition that goes along with it. We've got to keep this thing going...."

"I came back here from Fort Lauderdale.....this is fabulous...."

"I want to thank Holy Cross for putting this together and making this happen tonight. It's so amazing to come back here and see so many former teammates and classmates and be part of this first night game under the lights at Fitton Field...."

"Think of how many great football players have come through here over the last 116 years....."

"I thank God for all the blessings he bestowed upon me and I thank everyone else who has had a part in that...."

"For some of you, you knew early on that you were going to go to Holy Cross but for me the road to the college on the hill was a little bit different....My early years were spent in North Carolina in cotton and tobacco fields and quite frankly college was not even on my radar screen...high school graduation was my goal....."

"Your presence here recognizes our efforts to overcome the season ending hepatitis epidemic...."

"Football is a violent sport but the irony of it all is that it is played by some of the most intelligent, most caring, most courageous, and most successful men and none more so than the Crusaders....."

"Holy Cross was so special to him throughout his life. He showed up here when he was 17 years old...he didn't have a scholarship but he started on opening day as a freshman....."

"He was most proud of beating Boston College 55-12...."


Let's WIN....!!!!

LD '83

Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council Mission: committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field. 

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