Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HCGLC: Let's WIN!!

For those who care about Holy Cross Crusader Football, September 2011 was simply spectacular. 

1. Our Crusaders stand at 2-1 as the men get poised to take on the Top 10 ranked University of New Hampshire Wildcats this Saturday in Durham, NH. For those who have seen the team in person or via broadcast, the quality of play is outstanding. The exciting brand of football  may be only outmatched by the Purple Pride, effort, and determination displayed for 60 minutes of every game. Students of the game know a team is ultimately a reflection of its coaches. In that spirit, we can all look forward to more hard fought, well played, disciplined football atop Mt. St. James and wherever the Crusaders travel.Thank you Coach Gilmore and staff!! 

Speaking of which, this weekend's game between HC and UNH will support a very worthy cause. Those in and around Boston are likely aware of a very tragic accident earlier this month in which Husain and Muji Karim were critically injured. Husain played at HC prior to transferring to UNH to play with his brother. UNH is highlighting the fact that its Football Home Opener is Dedicated to Karim Brothers Recovery Fund

Sincere gratitude and true Christian charity are core to our Jesuit principles and emblematic of the class and pride in the HCGLC and by extension the Holy Cross Football Family.  Please keep these men in your prayers. 

2. Those in attendance at Homecoming witnessed Bruce Kozerski being feted for his induction into the Ring of Honor. Those who played with or watched Bruce on the gridiron in the early '80's know how great he was both on and off the field. He has not changed but only gotten better since then. We can all take great pride in having him as a Purple brother. 

STRONGLY encourage you to relive Bruce's past and appreciate his present by viewing this halftime interview Bruce had with TV 3 ten days ago. I do not think Bruce would mind my sharing his e-mail address if you would like to extend him a hearty congratulations on this great honor. 

3. Thank you to all those who wrote in over the last few weeks to share your expressions of pride and passion in Holy Cross Football following the excitement of the event on Mt. St. James on September 1st. Many who communicated highlighted that they had not been back to Fitton Field in 20+ years. Thank you for coming back. I hope it is not another 20+ years before we see you again. 

The greatest form of support for the Holy Cross Football family is to come back more often, bring friends, support the Gridiron Club, spread the mission of the HCGLC, and "spread the faith" so that we can continue to elevate the pride, the passion, and the program to ever greater heights and ultimately a National Championship!! 

On that note.....see you in Durham, NH this Saturday....


LD '83

Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council Mission: committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross football win on and off the field. 

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  1. I shared the fact that the members of the HC Gridiron Club have been made aware of this recovery fund with the athletic administration at UNH. I received two very classy responses and believe the HC faithful might appreciate them.

    Your advocacy with Holy Cross council to support the Karim Brothers Recovery Fund is so appreciated and heartening. I have shared this with Coach McDonnell and my Assoc AD for Marketing.

    We will be obvious in giving people the opportunity to contribute and knowing how classy Holy Cross folks are, I'm certain we will be successful in helping in this horrible tragedy.....Thanks again!

    Marty Scarano
    Athletic Director
    University of New Hampshire

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    From: McDonnell, Sean
    To: lwdoyle128
    Sent: Wed, Sep 28, 2011 4:05 am

    Thanks for your out reach and support, anything we can do for these kids would really help….Good luck on Saturday—Coach McDonnell

    Sean McDonnell
    Head Football Coach
    University of New Hampshire