Sunday, April 29, 2012

Winning Off the Field

Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council Mission: committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field.  

How do we define "winning off the field"? Well, let's look at a few Crusaders who were recently profiled in some widely distributed periodicals. We relish in their success but more so in the manner in which they carry themselves.    

1. To know this Crusader is to love him. . . he was recently interviewed in the Boston Business Journal. When asked whether he had a motto, this most loyal Crusader said, 

"The more you do for others, the better you do for yourself. I pretty much stole that from St. Ignatius of Loyola." 

Read that and so much more about Craig Cerretani's '79, Lessons Learned from the Playing Field

2. One of the most prolific Crusaders, this individual has distinguished himself and our Alma Mater on Fitton Field, in the NFL, and on many other battlefields, literally and figuratively. A nominee for the Holy Cross Ring of Honor, this individual will soon be involved in the prosecution of 9/11 mastermind, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. What words of wisdom did former Crusader coach Mark Duffner have for KSM and his colleagues? 

Mark Duffner, linebacker coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, cut to the chase. Duffner said, KSM and the other defendants "can expect that they’re going to lose.”

Love it. . . read that and more about Rob McGovern '89 as The Daily News writes, Major Rob McGovern Was In the Army Reserve on 9/11 and Helped at Ground Zero, Now He's Part of Team Prosecuting Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.     

Although neither Craig nor Rob would look to draw attention to themselves, I reference both these stories as they are emblematic of the quality of individuals that run throughout the Holy Cross Football alumni. Craig, Rob and so many more have helped us develop and spread a culture of "winning off the field". This culture is furthered as our mentors help plant seeds of future greatness atop Mt. St. James. Make no mistake, our current Crusaders not only witness but also increasingly embrace this culture. Why am I so confident in saying that? I see it, feel it, and hear it. How so?    

After the spring game barbecue a few weeks back, I was chatting with current senior and 2011 Crusader captain Mark Tolzien. He shared with me how meaningful his time at Holy Cross and playing football for the Crusaders will always be to him. He then informed me that despite the very challenging economic conditions, the current Crusader senior class is having very real success in finding jobs and making plans for life after Holy Cross. Mark specifically referenced how meaningful the "90-Wide" Mentoring has been to him and his classmates/teammates. With immense gratitude, I thank each and every HC alum who has been involved in the Mentoring Program. 

How impactful have the collective efforts been? Check out the incomplete list of companies/situations at which recent Crusaders have landed with significant direct or indirect support from mentors in the "90-Wide". 

General Electric (multiple individuals, thank you Pete Mondani), Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, EMC, Metropolitan Life, Oracle (thank you Mark Cannon!!), UMass Medical, Experian, Huxley Associates, Horizontal Systems/Autodesk, Beacon Hill Staffing, Department of Defense, Bank of Mitsubishi, Highbridge Financial, Putnam Investments, International Management Group/IMG Live, Provident UNUM, Northwestern Mutual, Sankaty Advisors, Loyola-Chicago Medical, Visibility, Fidelity.. . and more grads who have chosen to pursue law school, education, or other pursuits with guidance from their mentor.  

A little over two years into our 90-Wide, we are well on our way to developing the culture of winning off the field. I am not reaching in stating that it is only a matter of time and determination until we bring the accompanying "off the field" national championship to Mt. St. James in this all important pursuit. THIS WILL HAPPEN...I assure you!!

With scholarships on their way to the Patriot League, we all have every confidence in Coach Gilmore, staff, and team that we will see a national championship on the field of play as well.

3. We are a little more than 4 weeks away to our all important and always fun-filled HC Football Golf Outing. Please help make this a huge success by signing up and RECRUITING friends, teammates, classmates ....Details: 
Holy Cross Football Golf Outing 
When: Friday June 1st
Where: Blackstone National Golf Club, Sutton MA
8am: Irish Coffee and Bloody Marys
9am:  Shotgun.... 
Lunch: Cigars, Finding Lost Balls and Breaking Them, . . . and lots of laughs...
Hear Coach Gilmore talk about the upcoming season and what the future holds for Holy Cross, the Patriot League, and scholarship football.   
Cost: $250 includes, golf, cart, range, food, fun, on course beers. . .call or e-mail LuAnn Hennessy ( in the Football Office 
Request that you pay in advance by giving LuAnn Hennessy your credit card info....THANK YOU!! 

Sponsorship Opportunities 
Hole: $300
Breakfast: $750
Lunch: $1500
Silent Auction Items: if you have any items including sporting tickets, memorabilia, timeshares, ....
Please contact LuAnn Hennessy ( in the HC Football office at 508-793-2584  

I know we have NO interest in losing. . . so. . . 

LET"S WIN!!!      

LD '83
please accept my apology if you receive this more than once...

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