Friday, July 20, 2012

Less Than 6 Weeks...Coach Gilmore-National Championship

Fellow Crusaders, 

Now that I have your attention . . . there is NO doubt that Coach Gilmore, staff, and team have worked VERY hard from the day Tom arrived in Worcester back in January 2004 to this very day to bring a national championship to Mount Saint James. With the 2012 season set to kick off 6 weeks (that's it...a mere 6 weeks) from yesterday, it is time to FOCUS 

While I could write at length (and will write more in another communication) on the festivities planned for the evening of the 30th, (Ring of Honor, Pre and Post Game Football Alumni Tailgate, and more), the simple fact is the success of this event ultimately resides on two factors. 

I. The SCOREBOARD ...we will allow Coach Gilmore, staff, and team take care of this, and we know they will. 
No moral victories. 

II. The ATTENDANCE. This is where we need "all hands on deck". 
How can you help us sell out Fitton Field? 4 ways. 

1. Attend the game yourself

2. Be a recruiter.
Get friends, neighbors, classmates, teammates to attend.
Highlight the fact that we had 16k last year and this year is going to be even better. 

3. For those with friends residing in Worcester, inform them of and sell them on the $30 season ticket for new purchasers.
That is $5.00 per game. In this economy and market where other local colleges and pro teams are priced at many multiples of that, this ticket value should attract a lot of interest. Again for those with friends and connections in the Woo, get them on board. Worcester business people should be all over this. 

4. Worcester Children's Ticket Fund:
Along with the 90-Wide mentoring Program, this initiative to put Worcester's youth in the seats at Fitton Field on the evening of the 30th is how I define "winning off the field." Just envision the thoughts going through some young child's mind as he sits there on the 30th and takes in this game under the lights. Do you think a few of the kids --- and perhaps more than a few --- might go home with the dream that one day they may attend Holy Cross and wear the Purple? I have no doubt of thatLET'S MAKE SURE THERE ARE THOUSANDS of LOCAL WORCESTER YOUTH in ATTENDANCE on the 30th.          

Please do not think, "oh somebody else" will buy some tickets. 
"You" are that somebody else. 

Please do not think, "Oh, I will get to this later". 
How often has later meant never? 

I am asking for your support . . . and last I checked, I do not think I ask for too muchPlease let's have 100% support for this initiative. Cannot be at the game yourself? Here is how you can be there in spirit. If you were going to buy 1 ticket, could you make it 2? If you were going to buy 2, could you do 3 or 4? If 3, perhaps 4 or 5? Whether you can buy 1 ticket, 2 or 3 tickets, 5 tickets, 10 tickets, 25 tickets, or 50+ tickets for this Fund....together we can put thousands of Worcester's youth in the seats. LET's MAKE a STATEMENT on behalf of Holy Cross Football to the City of Worcester!!  

Picture Kyle Toulouse, Gerald Mistretta, Reggie Woods, Alex Schneider or perhaps Tommy Mannix taking it to the house in the far end zone only to look up and see thousands of Worcester's youngest going wild. Let's make this happen. 

If Tickets are $8.00 . . . the memories created for the kids....PRICELESS....

Are you on board? 

Buy tickets online at Holy Cross Football Tickets (click through to the UNH game and go to the General Admission (GA) button to purchase the tickets for Worcester's youth) or call  (508) 793- 2573   

I Thank You.

Let's WIN!!!

LD '83

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