Thursday, July 26, 2012

"You Can Do Anything You Want"

Yesterday was a very exciting day for those who care about our Alma Mater, Holy Cross Football, and our fellow man. 

The press conference held at the South Worcester Neighborhood Center to publicly announce the launch of the special HC Football ticket programs targeted at Worcester residents and especially Worcester's youth was simply spectacular. This outreach is truly an extension of other measures and efforts the college has made both recently and over the years. 


To give credit where it is due, I commend the Holy Cross administration (Fr. Boroughs, Ed Augustus, Chick Weiss, AD Dick Regan, Associate ADs Bill Bellerose and Rose Shea, Assistant AD Frank Mastrandrea, and Jen Whipple) and the powers that be in the City of Worcester (Mayor Joe Petty, City Manager Michael O' Brien, and City Councilmen Kate Toomey, Mike Germain, And Tony Economou) for coming together to make these initiatives happen. (apologies to those whom I may have overlooked)        

Yesterday's presser was covered by all of the local news outlets (print, TV, radio) and got widespread distribution and attention. This is so good. While yesterday was a great kickoff, the real success of these ticket programs and ongoing partnership will only be determined by the measure of support which we generate via our efforts to put Worcester's kids into Fitton Field's seats.  

As I have written previously, the cost of a ticket for the Worcester's Children Fund is a mere $8.00, the memories created ....PRICELESS!! How so? 

To get a little taste of what I mean and where your money in support of this Children's Fund is going, take 2-minutes to absorb the message delivered yesterday. You may want to pause the video and look into the children's eyes as they comment about what this effort means....

" can do anything you want and never give up..."

"They're good role models because I'm inspired to play football when I grow up too."  
Whether you buy 1 ticket, 2 tickets, 3, tickets, 5 tickets, 8 tickets, 10 tickets, 25 tix, 50 tix, or 100 tix, you will be making a very real impact. 

Can we count on you to get involved? If you are on this distribution, you are part of the Holy Cross Football family. Let's have 100% participation in this effort. 

Please call the Holy Cross Ticket Office today at 508-793-2573 or go online and get involved. You will plant a seed and provide the inspiration necessary for dreams to come true. Please recruit your friends, family, classmates, and teammates to also get on board this train.  

I thank you!!


LD '83

HCGLC Mission: commitment to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field.  

P.S. By the way, how good is our Crusader #53 Gary Acquah looking? Think he's ready to strap it on 'under the lights' on the 30th? No doubt!! Jon Smith, Irvin Scott, and Pat Restrepo were also wearing the Purple yesterday and clearly are spending many hours in the weight room this summer. Lookin' good, gentlemen!!  


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