Monday, August 6, 2012

Gameday Details, Promotional Video, and More

Fellow Crusaders, 

We are a little more than 3 weeks away from the kickoff to the 2012 Crusader Football season. I have heard from many who will be coming from near and far to enjoy the company of Purple brethren and the excitement of Holy Cross Crusader Football. Get your tickets and recruit friends and neighbors for what will be a spectacular evening.

I hope the following Gameday details will help make the entire experience that much more pleasurable:

1. Ring of Honor reception in Hogan by invitation: 4:30-6pm
Given the noise level experienced last year, the remarks for the RoH will be held inside at Hogan. There are space constraints but if anybody would like to be invited to hear the remarks from honorees Jeff Wiley '89, Pat McCarthy '63, and a representative for Ron Cahill '40, please write to me directly at this e-mail address ( 

2. Pre-game Tailgate and Post-Game Victory Celebration: 
For all Holy Cross Football friends, fans, and alumni will take place in the picnic area along the left field line of the Varsity baseball field. Gates open at 5pm. Either bring your own or .... go in style as ... 

Major props to John Vesprani, Dick Mulligan, Dave Hock, and others from the late '80s for "tailgating to win" as they host a pre-game soiree and post-game victory celebration. 

Menu: Bacon wrapped filet mignon, grilled breast of chicken, rice or baked potato, salad, rolls, beer/wine and post-game pops. Cost $50 with residual funds being donated to the Gridiron Club. 

RSVP top John Vesprani ASAP at
Payment in advance by check to:
John Vesprani 
3224 Beredith Place
Cincinnati, OH, 45213 

3. Onfield Ring of Honor Celebration at 7:15pm. Get to your seats in time to see Ron Cahill, Pat McCarthy, and Jeff Wiley inducted as the third class into the Holy Cross Ring of Honor. Congratulations to these Holy Cross legends.     

4. Purple Reign on Fitton Field: 7:30- 10:30pm 

5. Winning Off the Field: with the kickoff to the 2012 season, the HCGLC enters its 4th year and Stage 2 of our overall plans. 

In an attempt to further grow and organize our efforts so we can enhance and elevate our programs and impact in pursuit of our mission (committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field), I would ask everybody on this distribution involved in social media to "like the HCGLC on Facebook" and connect to Holy Cross Football on LinkedIn.

These efforts will be integral to our off the field pursuits. Please get on board and spread the word. I am confident we will have many hundreds and ultimately thousands involved in these efforts. When we align the masses and truly harness the energy, . . . watch out . . . the on field impact and off the field victories will be truly spectacular.    

6. Lastly, with a message highlighted in a link below . . .  
>>please see whom the individuals and groups are that we want to send a message to on the 30th 

>>please help us with a token request regarding the Worcester Children's Ticket Fund . . . I would hope that everybody on this distribution can help us on this front...the request is in the link below. 

>>please enjoy a very exciting 2-minute video clip promoting the 2012 season and the opening game "under the lights' in this 2012 Holy Cross Crusader Football Video Promo.  

Any doubt we are playing to win? Plenty of roles for everybody to play a huge part in our collective Crusader success. 

I thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you on the 30th. 


LD '83

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