Friday, August 3, 2012

2012 Holy Cross Crusader Football Video Promo

The 2012 Holy Cross Crusader Football season kicks off in less than 4 weeks. Please make plans NOW to join us "under the lights" on August 30th as our Crusaders kick off the season against the University of New Hampshire Wildcats. Recruit friends, family, neighbors, classmates, and teammates to attend as well. 

In a fabulous initiative to partner with the City of Worcester, Holy Cross has launched a Worcester Children's Ticket Fund. Please buy a ticket --- or as many tickets as you prefer --- and help us Fill Fitton Field while also providing real inspiration to Worcester's youth. 

Tickets cost a mere $8.00....the value of memories created and dreams coming true for the children of Worcester...PRICELESSI thank all those who have already purchased many hundreds of tickets for this fund. As one gracious donor recently mentioned to me, "I have been extremely blessed and having grown up in a similar environment as these kids, trust me, it is an honor to be able to help." 

As with any campaign, true success is a function of both the depth and breadth of the effort. To that end, the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council requests that, if doable, each individual who may read this message would participate in this program and purchase even one ticket. (If you care to purchase more, that is also OK and deeply appreciated.) 

Let's send a strong message as to just how special Holy Cross Football and the Holy Cross Football Family really are. If we were to sell a few thousand tickets AND have many hundreds of HC faithful involved in purchasing these tickets, who will witness firsthand the collective heart and soul of the Holy Cross Football Family? 

1. New President of Holy Cross, Fr. Philip Boroughs S.J.
We get one time to make an initial impression upon our new leader. Let's make it big and let's make it strong!! 

2. The entire Holy Cross community, both on and off campus. Let's convert any remaining dissenters.   

3. The political powers that be in Worcester.
Let's send them a message that we want to partner with them often. 

4. The City of Worcester at large.
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. Let's make sure they will want to return to many more Crusader football games. 

5. The top flight recruits who will certainly be in attendance for this game. Let's give them 20, 000+ (game attendance)  reasons to attend the college on the hill.  

6. Most importantly, Worcester's children who will benefit by your generosity. Let's inspire them. Truly what this is all about. 

Please call the Holy Cross Ticket Office at (508) 793-2573 and buy even just one ticket for the Worcester Children's Ticket FundPlease also purchase tickets for this game if not the entire season and make plans to join with thousands of other Crusader faithful for what will assuredly be a truly special event on August 30th. I cannot thank you enough. As our Crusaders prepare for the season in camp, we can prepare to support their dedication by getting involved in this program.  

For a little added inspiration and to get ready for the 2012 Holy Cross Football season, turn up the volume and enlarge your screen .  


Are you on board? Join the crusade and the Crusaders and get your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same.

$8.00 ... make the call (508) 793-2573 . . .TYVM . . .

LD '83

HCGLC Mission: committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field.

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