Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Message from HC Hall of Fame Football Coach Mark Duffner

Dear Crusader Football Family,  

It just came to my attention that the 1987 Undefeated Crusader Football Team  is going to be honored at this weekends’  Homecoming game with Dartmouth. Fantastic! 

The coaching staff and myself were extremely fortunate and priviledged to have the opportunity to work with and be associated with such an outstanding group of young men who distinguished themselves and the College, the way they conducted themselves on and off the field. 

Their records, energy, efforts and attitudes were remarkable. What a story of accomplishment- I'm  very proud of these men-I love them and wish that I could be there in person to hug and salute them on this day of appropriate recognition. Congratulations to the  "Beasts of the East ! “  

I am also very pleased that Jeff Wiley’ name was added to the Ring of Honor-Jeff was a confident,competitive and smart playmaker-just what you wanted on your team as a quarterback and leader. Jeff also had some” magic” in his play. 

Thanks so much for all this attention to some very-very special men! 



Mark Duffner
Mark Duffner | Linebackers Coach
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  1. Coach,

    Although I was not a member of that GREAT team (I played in 1976-1980 under Neil Wheelwright) and we (my teammates and me) were the last HC football team to beat the hated BC Eagles and we beat them twice; I have to admit I would have given my right arm to play for YOU and YOUR STAFF.

    Congrats to ALL the members of that GREAT team that made us all so proud and congrats to a GREAT HEAD COACH and a GREAT STAFF!

    Good luck and best wishes and best of health in the future.

    All my best,

    Steve “Gerald” Hiorns.

  2. Coach Duffner...

    Scroll down...quick note to thank you for reaching out to your Holy Cross football brethren. '87 was a magical year, arguably, the best in our history. You are quite obviously, a huge part of that as a great "teacher of young men"!

    Mark, thanks again and, continued great wishes at Jacksonville!

    In purple,

    Craig Cerretani
    HC Co-Captain '77 and '78