Friday, March 29, 2013

HCGLC: March Monthly Newsletter

Hopefully Old Man Winter is at long last in the rear view mirror and we can now all get back to living and shedding those few extra lbs that somehow seem to turn former 'skill players' into linemen.

On that note, I look forward to connecting with many on this distribution over the course of the next few weeks and months at the following events:

I. Holy Cross Spring Football Game/Alumni Battle of the Ages/Barbecue on Saturday April 13th. 

Save your excuses and call (or email) LuAnn Hennessey in the Football Office "SOON" to RSVP for what will once again be a great day to get together with the Loyal Brethren of the Purple Brotherhood.

LuAnn's number is 508-793-2584  ...e-mail is

Get involved and join us.

I am sure there are a few of you with legitimate reasons (restricted to marriage commitments and the birth of a child) not to be able to be with us, but for everybody else,

Spring Game / Alumni Game: Saturday, 4/13/13, 11:00 AM, Fitton Field.  Free Admission:

Spring Cookout: 4/13/13, 2:00 PM, Field House.  $20 per person

For those playing in the Alumni Game, please contact Dan Adams ’07 at

THANK YOU Dan for your tremendous efforts in leading this charge.

Since the annual Banquet was cancelled due to a blizzard in February, the annual football awards from the 2012 season will be presented at this cookout.

The Jackie Mo’ Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented.

Many members of the incoming freshmen class will be introduced at this event.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsor a table for student-athletes at the Cookout after the Alumni Game: $200

II. Holy Cross Football Golf Event:

After the spring game/barbecue in two weeks, we can all look forward to a day of laughs and lies on the golf course at Blackstone National for the Annual Holy Cross Football Golf Outing in late May.

We have already got a significant number of people committed to playing in this can't miss event. We hope and expect the members of the reunion classes coming back to the hill that weekend to turn out in droves for this next official meeting of the Loyal Brethren of the Purple Brotherhood.

SAVE THE DATE: Golf: 5/31/13, Blackstone National GC – Shotgun Start at 9:00 AM.  More details to follow.

III. "90-Wide" Mentoring/Job and Internship Leads

Props to Peter Quinlan '84, Dan McKivergan '88, and Brian Cullinan '03 (again) for sharing fabulous leads on job opportunities and internships for our current Crusader contingent. I exhort everybody on this distribution to share with me similar sorts of leads so I can pass them along to the team through the Football Office.

These leads are how we further advance the culture and mission of the HCGLC in "winning on and off the field." Thanks in advance for the consideration.

Speaking of mentoring, none other than Holy Cross President Fr. Boroughs referenced the admiration he holds for those alumni involved in these efforts in a recent 5-minute interview he provided to the Worcester Business Journal.

THANK YOU again to all those involved in the 90-Wide!!

IV. Video Clip from the Start of Spring Practice
Not so sure there are many hints of spring in this clip but great to see the Purple back on the field and to hear from Gary Acquah, Ryan Loughlin, Steven Elder, and Coach Gilmore.

Speaking of Coach Gilmore . . . what do you think he is saying here?

1. I just kicked your butt.
2. You might want to stay away from me...
3. I never liked Yale anyway...

By the way, look at the guy in the background with mouth open and a look that indicates, "Oh my word, that guy is a beast and we have a problem..." (props to Dan Adams for finding and sharing this) 

I wish you all a blessed Easter.



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  1. Outstanding job! The links worked nicely and give us something to look forward to this Fall.