Thursday, May 9, 2013

Current Roster for Golf Outing and More..!!

I. Details on the Golf Outing
II. Message from Greg Draddy '93
III. List of Players and Sponsors
IV. A Message from Coach Gilmore

Loyal Brethren of the Purple Brotherhood, 

Having solidified our base (scroll down to see list of attendees) for the HC Football Golf Outing on May 31st, now we need to turn our focus to "finishing the job" and making this THE BEST outing to date. How can you help make that happen? Join us. 

We especially want to reconnect with any alums who have NEVER attended the outing. Speaking of which we believe none other than Chuck "Moon" Mullen '78 will be on hand. His presence alone will guarantee this outing will be the best yet . . . 

Please do not think, "Oh, let somebody else support this outing. YOU are that "somebody else"!!  

Details for the day include: 

I. Holy Cross Football Golf Outing
Blackstone National Golf Club
227 Putnam Hill Rd., Sutton MA Phone 508-865-2111
Club Website:

Reunion Weekend at Holy Cross for the classes of '88, '93, 98, 03, '08
Will we get a 100% participation from the National Champion Class of 1987?
Come on boys!!
8am Registration and Continental Breakfast
9am Shotgun Start, Modified Scramble Format
Post-Golf Barbecue Lunch
RSVP to LuAnn Hennessy ( do not make me chase people down.  RSVP soon. 
$250/per head includes 18 holes golf, use of range, breakfast and lunch, $10 pro shop credit (tax deductible over the $125 cost) 
$150/per head for those graduating in last 5 years.
Laughs all day . . . FREE
Sponsorship Opportunities:
Sponsor a Hole 
Contact LuAnn Hennessy at the e-mail above to get involved on this front.


Be with us in spirit if you cannot join us in body.   
Your presence and support of this Golf Outing is a huge statement of your support for the initiatives of the HCGLC and Holy Cross Football.
Please attend, get a friend to attend, fill a foursome, and help with the sponsorship opportunities. The HCGLC moved this outing to the Friday of Reunion Weekend for a number of reasons but all geared to maximizing turnout (including those coming back for their reunions).
Help make this Golf Outing a HUGE SUCCESS!!

II. I thank Greg Draddy '93 who shared this message with his teammates/classmates: 

Greetings Men:
I hope this e-mail finds you well and that you are making plans to come back for our 20threunion.    20 years-- holy sh**, you boys are old!    I am asking all of you to strongly consider coming in Friday May 31st for the Football Alumni golf event.  It is scheduled this date in the hope that those in reunion years will attend and bring their teammates.  
Well, I am attending and counting on bringing many of my teammates.  I played last year and this event is really gaining some momentum.  It was great to catch up with guys who graduated in the years around 1992 and also to meet a bunch of great guys from other classes.    
I know Mac, Eddie C, Paulie D and Bozy committed today.  Who else can we count on?  JP is planning to attend even though he is unable to golf.  Golf skill or equipment is not a necessity.  In fact it’s a distraction to the real intent of the day.  That is to hang out with our brothers and reminisce on some of the best days in our lives. 
We can all come up with excuses but none of them hold up.  We lost a teammate/classmate Chris Bodanza 9 years ago this April and he loved playing golf with the HC boys!  Let’s honor Chris’ memory as well.  We have sponsored a hole in his name the past few years, but it would be even better to honor him in person. 
I can assure you that you will have a spectacular day and that this outing will be a highlight of the entire weekend. 
Hope to see many of you at Blackstone National. 
Let's Win.

III. Current List of PLAYERS
Randolph, Dom, 
Glor, Taylor
Fleming, Tommy
McDermott, Brett
Cerretani, Craig
Smith, Mike
Hurley, Bob
Laurendeau, Jack
Wright, Bill
Lucey, Dan
Hunt, Steve
Cardew, Terry
Schott, Chris
Sheehan, Dave
Hall, Jim
Doyle, Chuck
Sullivan, Brendan
Hennessey, Mike
Maheu, Ron
Barrett, Peter 
Hoye, Bill
Davis, Paul
Bowes, Jim
McDonald, Tom
Coburn, Ed
Draddy, Greg
Marc Aurele, Joseph 
Clarkin, Mike
Wilson, Joe
Murray, Mike
Hession, Michael
Milanette, Rob
Barnett, Dave
Nichol, Chris
Lockbaum, Gordie
Andreoli, John
Andreoli, Jim
Kevin Connolly 
Jack Landers
Bellerose, Bill
Doyle, Larry
Moynihan, Whitey
White, Kevin
Palmer, Heather
Verrette, Glenn
Hiorns, Steve
Ripp, Mike
Presstegard, Rich
Quinlan, Peter
Shimkus, Peter
Carr, John 
Claro, Tom
Degenhardt, Chris
Hackney, Jack
Koller, Ben 
Maher, John
Millett, CJ
Matasavage, Paul
LaCamera, Peter


Draddy, Greg '93Foursome at Winged Foot Golf Club
Duffy, Ted '98T-Sign - Ted Duffy '98 
Guilfoile, Mike '74T-Sign - MG Advisors, Inc.
Hurley, BobT-Sign
Ahern, JohnT-Sign

IV. A Message from Coach Gilmore (this was sent out yesterday broadly speaking, I merely want to further highlight it.) 

When the decision was announced last February to permit merit scholarships for football, we expected it would once again make Holy Cross an attractive option for blue-chip student-athletes from all across the country.  It did indeed allow us to keep more of the highly recruited prospects engaged throughout the process this year and to yield more of them in our first scholarship class in 25 years.

We now have a legitimate opportunity to raise the level of our football program and regain that special niche we had in the past.  I believe these recent developments will reinvigorate the alumni and fan base while increasing school spirit on campus.  We have some of  the most passionate, loyal and dedicated alumni in the country and now is the time to come back to fill the stands, get more involved with the program and direct your contributions to the Crusader Gridiron Club.

We cannot reach our goals without your help.

I want to appeal to everyone to get involved!  The number of donors makes a powerful statement as to the importance of this program and I am confident that we can close in on 100% participation.  No contribution is too small; please just get involved. Click here to make your gift today and show your support.

Read Coach Gilmore's entire message here

Thanks for your support!!

Let's WIN!!

Please now go sign up for or sponsor the golf outing...thanks. 


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