Tuesday, August 6, 2013

HCGLC: August Monthly Newsletter

Fellow Crusaders,

While the mix of heavy rains and oppressive heat and humidity in the northeast during the month of July might have reminded some of life in the sub-Saharan tropics, our current weather gracing New England is truly indicative of only one thing: college football.

Assuming that a nice little rush of adrenaline just coursed through your veins, a quick check of the calendar indicates that our 2013 Holy Cross Crusaders are currently atop Mt. St. James preparing for the kickoff to a major rebound season and accompanying Patriot League championship. No reason not to set the "excellence bar" at the appropriate level.

Moving right along. . .

News of Note

1. With news that after 15 years and significant successes at Holy Cross our Athletic Director Dick Regan has chosen to pursue new opportunities, I want to personally thank him for his support of the HCGLC.

Since our first discussion about the outlines of this effort back in late 2008, suffice it to say that without Dick's support, the mission and vision of the HCGLC would likely never have come to pass.

From all those involved in our mentoring program to the Ring of Honor to bringing night football to Fitton Field, I know I speak for everybody in thanking Dick publicly for his support of our initiatives -- and look forward to thanking him personally at a game this fall -- and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

2. Ring of Honor 2013
I wish I had taped or copied the exchanges I have had with this year's Ring of Honor inductees (John Turco '52, Tom Greene '59, Dave Quehl '76) or their family members so that I could share them in whole or part with the Crusader faithful.

While those not familiar with the great tradition of Holy Cross Football might think the Ring of Honor is a nice touch to celebrate tradition, to the inductees, their families, and those who embrace this specific effort and HC Football at large, the essence of the Ring of Honor is virtually indescribable.

If I have heard it once from those who have been or are to be inducted (or close family members), I have heard it countless times when the statement is uttered, "I do not know if you can appreciate how truly special and meaningful this is to me." The emotions are palpable.

I know that this year will be no different as the names Turco, Greene, and Quehl are unveiled at Fitton Field to join with the names of the prior inductees as they overlook for perpetuity the pride and passion displayed by those gracing the gridiron while wearing the Purple. I strongly encourage all those on this distribution (. . . and please recruit friends, family, classmates, and colleagues) to join us just prior to the 6pm kickoff on the evening of Saturday September 21st for this year's Ring of Honor induction ceremony. It is truly special.

3. Thank you again to all those who continue to mentor our Crusaders. I have received dozens of messages this summer from mentors and mentees alike sharing color and details of visits to offices, operating rooms, trading floors, and sales calls. The impact of this program is profound and growing ever stronger as word of it is spread to new recruits and beyond. This is how we win off the field. Thank you again to all our mentors. 

4. Speaking of new recruits, I was pleased to see the names McCaffrey and Kutschke as having committed to join the Crusaders in fall 2014. Many of the faithful are well aware of the amazing exploits of both Jim McCaffrey on the hardwood at The Hart after having transferred to HC from St. Mike's and both Ed and Frank Kutschke as they controlled the line of scrimmage for the Crusaders in the mid to late '80s. Great to see the tradition continue to the next generation.

5. Special thanks to Walter Roy '72 and many others who have put in countless hours to expand the program for Homecoming Weekend. From a golf outing outside Boston on the prior Thursday to pep rally on campus on Friday night to a whole host of games, receptions, and more on Saturday October 5th, Homecoming at Holy Cross has taken on a whole new meaning. THANK YOU to Walter and all those involved. Look for details as they are forthcoming over the next weeks.

6. For those who might not regularly visit goholycross.com, I encourage you to do so and check out a newly posted video clip in which Coach Gilmore, captains Gary Acquah and Mike Fess, and other Patriot League coaches discuss the upcoming 2013 season. For those technologically challenged -- including me -- it is a great clip so I welcome sharing it here. Major props to Jamie Reynolds and others on campus who made this happen. We look forward to more of your great work.

On that note .... LET'S WIN!! LD '83

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2013 Holy Cross Football Schedule
I look forward to seeing many of you at Fitton or assorted other gridirons this fall. Break out your calendars or electronic devices and input those games you will be attending. Do not underestimate just how meaningfully important your presence at games in support of the Crusaders is.

Aug. 31 at Bryant 3:00 PM
Sep. 7 Towson Price Chopper Kids' Day 1:00 PM
Sep. 14 at Central Connecticut 6:00 PM
Sep. 21 Monmouth 6:00 PM
Sep. 28 at Dartmouth 7:00 PM
Oct. 5 Harvard Homecoming 1:00 PM
Oct. 12 at Bucknell * 1:00 PM
Oct. 19 Colgate * TV: CBS Sports Network 12:00 PM
Oct. 26 Lafayette * Family Weekend 1:00 PM
Nov. 2 at Fordham * 1:00 PM
Nov. 9 at Lehigh * 12:30 PM
Nov. 23 Georgetown * 12:30 PM

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