Friday, March 28, 2014



I hope this message finds all our loyal and faithful members of the Crusader Football Family doing well. 

With a long winter now hopefully fully in the rear view mirror, I hope those reading this have not neglected your calisthenics during these last few months so as to make the most of what the next few months have to hold for us. 

So let's break out those calendars and circle the following dates so we can bring together Crusader Nation once again and share the camaraderie that makes this family so special and reignite the passion that fuels our fire and commitment to excellence in all we do. 

Can I get a Chu Chu . . . rah rah ??      

I: April 12th (that is a mere two weeks from tomorrow): Spring Game and barbecue. Sign up with Lu Ann Hennessy TODAY ( to attend the post game festivities. 

For those who still got it and want to show it on the filed, get in touch with Dan Adams who once again is leading the charge for the Alumni troops on the field. THANK YOU Danny!! All details for those looking to play in the game and continue the alumni winning streak are right here: The 2014 Battle of The Ages: The Nation's Only FCS Alumni Game 

II. May 30th: our annual Holy Cross Football Golf Outing will once again coincide with the Friday of Alumni Reunion so as to attract the members of those classes coming back to the hill. This year's event will be held at Cyprian Keyes in Boylston, MA. We will have an online registration set up shortly so as to make it that much easier for you. Additionally we are instituting a rule this year that all putts from inside 20 feet are good so that you can go back home and inform your better half that you shot a record score. More details on this date to follow in very short order but please circle this date now -- especially for those from out of town -- so we can have the best outing yet. 

There is a LOT -- and I mean a LOT -- that is new around the program and I beseech everybody on this distribution to get engaged and involved in elevating our commitment to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field. What is new around Holy Cross Football and why should you be with us to witness these new elements both on the 12th of April and 30th of May? 

>>Come meet our NEW Athletic Director Nate Pine and feed on his energy, passion, and vision for our Holy Cross Football program and HC Athletics as a whole.Welcome Nate!! I know I speak for many who have already met you and am confident in speaking for those who will meet you at these events and in the upcoming season in stating, "LET'S WIN!!!"       

>>Let's give a proper welcome to NEW assistant coaches D-coordinator Mike Kashurba and linebacker coach Roderick Plummer into to the Crusader Football Family. 

>>Let's also give a proper welcome on April 12th at the post game barbecue to the NEW incoming student-athletes (and their families) that make up the Class of 2018 who will be in attendance that day. 

>>For those involved in our fabulous 90-Wide Mentoring program and paired with NEW Crusaders,the 12th of April provides a great opportunity to develop that personal connection. Even if your mentoring relationship is not a new one, come spend quality time with your existing Crusader and let him help you to relive your own collegiate experience while you provide him with some professional wisdom and guidance. These interactions are critical to winning off the field.  

>>Come hear Coach Gilmore and AD Nate Pine talk about the NEW future for Holy Cross Football with scholarships now in tow and listen to their take about the NEWteams -- including a crowd from Chestnut Hill -- that will be on future schedules.  

>>I hope this is not too much energy for you on a cool crisp Friday morning but if your adrenaline is starting to flow that is a good thing. Circle those dates. Bring a friend, classmate, teammate who has been less involved over the years. 

I look forward to seeing a huge turnout of Crusaders on the 12th and 30th so we can once again rally together and realize what makes this family so special.