Friday, October 25, 2013

HCGLC October Newsletter: 2013 Ring of Honor Video Recap

Fellow Crusaders, 

In a world awash with far too many situations and individuals lacking genuine honor and real character, leave it to selected members of the Holy Cross Football Family for once again displaying a wealth of those virtuous traits in the remarks presented by the 2013 Holy Cross Ring of Honor inductees. 

Allow me to provide a little bit of a preview of the remarks delivered by John Turco '70 on behalf of his Dad '52, by Tom Greene '59, and by Dave Quehl '76. 

In the video link below you will hear references to and remarks touching upon: Eddie O' Melia and the O' Melia Award, Wally Bavaro, Jim Healy, Joe Moore, Syracuse's Jim Brown, Dave Stecchi, Charlie Pachunas, the fact that "no opponent was feared", the pride of Holy Cross, Hop Riopel, Mel Massucco, Bart Sullivan and his arrival on Mt. St. James in 1912,  Mother Teresa, Charlie Randolph and his Dominic, Joe Wilson, Bob Massa, games against West Point and the gray wave, the fact that as Vince Promuto said during his induction remarks in 2010 that Holy Cross is an Ivy League school with soul. 

How refreshing, inspirational, and truly indicative of the pride and passion that defines the Holy Cross Football family.  

Once again, I want to pay major props to Ron Maheu '64 for the vision and persistence he had in bringing the Ring of Honor from a mere idea to reality. 

If you are on this distribution -- or perhaps an outsider but with a hint of Purple blood -- I strongly recommend you get yourself a beer, a cold drink, or whatever beverage you most enjoy and take in this 7-segment 45 minute video. You will relive incredible memories and embrace the tradition of Holy Cross Football as delivered by these great Crusaders, truly men of class, humility, and genuine honor.  

2013 Holy Cross Ring of Honor (you can advance the video at the end of each individual segment by a link in the upper left hand corner which you will see pop up approximately 15 seconds prior to the end of the clip).

I want to personally thank Jamie Reynolds' 09 of the Holy Cross Athletic Office for capturing these remarks and creating the video. 

If after viewing this, I hope you might want to share it with others not on the distribution so we can let others know how truly great and honorable the extended Holy Cross Football family really is. 

Chu Chu Rah Rah . . .    

I look forward to seeing many of you over the balance of the season and special best wishes to the Crusaders tomorrow as they take on Lafayette. 

Let's Win!!


HCGLC Mission: committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field. 

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