Sunday, August 14, 2011

Countdown to Kickoff: 19 Days...UNITING CRUSADER NATION

With less than three weeks to the kickoff to the 2011 Crusader Football season, to say that there is a LOT going on would be an enormous understatement. 

For those on this distribution not yet aware, numerous forecasters and prognosticators around the nation have projected that given a wide array of signals they project an EXPLOSIVE Purple Tsunami on Mt St. James in the late afternoon and throughout the night on September 1st. 

The forecasted projections indicate that this explosive Purple Wave emanating on Fitton Field will literally and figuratively roll throughout New England and to many parts of the nation. Ride the wave and join us on the 1st. 

I hope as many people as possible on this distribution will join us for what will assuredly be the biggest event at Fitton Field in a very long time. Bring your friends, neighbors, and colleagues. 

Let's dispense with the formalities and get right after it.


1. Ticket Sales 
Thanks once again to the creative genius of fellow Crusaders Brendan Devlin '01 and Dan Adams '07, we can track how ticket sales for the game vs UMass 'under the lights' are progressing. How so? Please visit Fill Fitton Field regularly and monitor how the "heat" is rising in terms of ticket sales via the recently launched Ticket Thermometer which I am happy to share with you below.  

As of a week ago, the Ticket Thermometer registered the following level. In talking with the esteemed Linda George in the HC Ticket Office, the pace of calls and ticket sales is quickening as the days go by. The "thermometer" will be updated regularly over the next few weeks.  


I view the current level of ticket sales as the political equivalent of having totally solidified our base and now we need to "turn out the vote", that is attract those in the local Worcester and surrounding markets. On that note, what are the initiatives being undertaken by the Athletics Office with the support of the HCGLC and friends?
1. Promotional e-vite delivered to all those companies affiliated with the Worcester County Chamber of Commerce. Has already generated a positive response.   
2. Promotional e-vite being delivered to all the individuals working in Worcester Public Schools.
3. Promotional e-vite delivered to every high school in MA, CT, RI, and NH.
4. Engaging local radio and TV station with promotional materials.
5. Blanketing local area markets, malls, and parking lots with flyers. 
6. Selling tickets at locales with high pedestrian traffic (train station and local malls).  

2. Game Day Details

5pm Gates Open 
5:30pm Football Alums and Friends Tailgate at Tent on Left Field Line at Baseball Stadium
6:45-7:15pm Ring of Honor Recognition and Public Remarks by Honorees at the Tent referenced above  
7:45pm Crusader Walk of Honor formed on Fitton Field by Football Alums and Friends for honorees and then the 'Saders!!
7:50pm Ring of Honor On Field Ceremony 
8pm Kickoff to VICTORY!!
11pm est Postgame Tailgate on Left Field Line at Baseball Stadium (recommended you bring a few cold ones for this postgame victory celebration)
Parking is expected to be tight so I recommend people get to the Woo early and "get comfortable" 

3. HCGLC Uniting Crusader Nation Challenge 

As part of the ongoing initiative to support the college and the Holy Cross Football Program the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council in conjunction with the Alumni Relations Office is launching the following challenge.

No do not worry, this challenge will only require you to reach into your pocket to buy the next round of drinks. How so? 

HCGLC Uniting Crusader Nation Challenge is laying the gauntlet down to all the regional clubs not within an easy drive of campus to host a reception at one of your local establishments and enjoy the company of friends and fellow 'Saders in watching our gridiron Crusaders take on UMass under the lights on September 1st.

Who has already answered the call?

SW Ohio (Greater Cincinnati)
Florida Suncoast (Greater Tampa)
Greater Philadelphia

Has there ever been an event in which the entire college community nationwide has come together to celebrate? If there has been, I am not aware of it.

We will keep you apprised as to who responds to the challenge. For those out in the field, perhaps you can reach out to your regional club head proactively and inspire them to "respond to the challenge" and help us "Unite Crusader Nation".
Are you in?
I would hope and think this should be a layup. 

4. Coach Gilmore Pre-Season Interview 
For those who have not yet witnessed our Head Football Coach Tom Gilmore talking about the upcoming season and the excitement for the game "under the lights" I am happy to provide the following: 

Remember all we do is to further the mission of the HCGLC: 
Committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field. 

Please share this message with friends, teammates, classmates, parents, and others who may not be on this distribution. 


Larry Doyle '83
Chair, HCGLC 

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