Friday, August 12, 2011

HCGLC Uniting Crusader Nation Challenge

As part of the ongoing initiative to support the college and the Holy Cross Football Program the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council in conjunction with the Alumni Relations Office is launching the following challenge.

No do not worry, this challenge will only require you to reach into your pocket to buy the next round of drinks. How so? 

The HCGLC Uniting Crusader Nation Challenge is laying the gauntlet down to all the regional clubs not within an easy drive of campus to host a reception at one of your local establishments and enjoy the company of friends and fellow 'Saders in watching our gridiron Crusaders take on UMass under the lights on September 1st.

Who has already answered the call?

SW Ohio (Greater Cincinnati)
Florida Suncoast (Greater Tampa)
Greater Philadelphia

Has there ever been an event in which the entire college community nationwide has come together to celebrate? If there has been, I am not aware of it.

We will keep you apprised as to who responds to the challenge. For those out in the field, perhaps you can reach out to your regional club head proactively and inspire them to "respond to the challenge" and help us "Unite Crusader Nation".

Are you in?

I would hope and think this should be a layup.

Let's WIN!!

LD '83
Chair, HCGLC 

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