Thursday, March 29, 2012

Springtime in Worcester

Fellow Crusaders,

I hope and trust that this message finds you all doing well. There are a number of items to address so let's dispense with the formalities.

1. Spring Football Game/Post Game Barbecue : two weeks from this Saturday on April 14th. Always a great take and a chance to see the up and coming stars wearing purple. Please RSVP to LuAnn Hennessy in the Football office if you plan on attending the reception and if you want to get involved in sponsorship opportunities. Thanks in advance and see you there!! For those serving as mentors, come see your scholar-athlete both on and off the field.

2. Alumni Game: who's still got it? who still thinks they got it but never really had it? and who will be the biggest and baddest talker on and off the field? Who has already signed up to play? Profuse thanks to Dan Adams '07 for leading the charge in this effort. Still looking for more warriors. Look at the QB at the bottom of the list who just inked a contract to play for the alums. That's what we're talking about.

Contact Dan Adams to get involved.

2012 Alumni Roster

Aaron Jones OL ’09
Graham Edward TE/FB ’11
Andrew Schoepfer OL ’07
Sean Lamkin LB ’11
Dan Adams LB ’07
Darran Davis DB ’05
Ben Koller DB ’04
Brian Mauthe LB ’11
Rob Koster WR ’10
Josh Nims TE/WR ’10
Mark Kelliher LB ’08
Perry Townsend LB ’11
Billy Edger WR ’09
Jerome Fuller RB ’92
Ryan McGuire TE/WR ’09
Dan Nolan OL/DL ’08
Justin Maher WR ’08
Pat Haidon DB ’10
Dave Fitzpatrick LB ’05
Casey Gough DB ’07
Mark Roman QB ’92
Tom Heffernan QB ’87
Mauricio Barrazza DL ’94
Nick Cole WR ’10
Marcus Rodriguez LB ’09
Randy Mariano DB ’92
Matt Lemire DL ’07
Dominic Randolph QB ’09

RSVP: For facebook users, please use the following LINK

For non-facebook users, please confirm attendance via email at Dan@athleticcapital.com3.
For more details on the 2012 Battle of the Ages.

3. Post Cookout Social Event – Immediately following the Spring Game Cookout we will be heading to Herbies (1030 Southbridge St, Worcester,MA) to catch up and talk about Saturday’s events. We will move onto Shrewsbury St to Funky Murphy’s to enjoy the rest of the evening in a more formal setting.

4. Please keep checking the Holy Cross Football page at as very soon the 2012 list of nominees for the Ring of Honor will be rolled out and voting will begin for the 3rd class of inductees into this esteemed group. Spread the word.

5. Speaking of awards? Who will accept the 3rd edition of the Jackie Mo' Lifetime Achievement Award? This special designation will be dispensed during the Post-game Barbecue. Lots of very worthy candidates. The award winner/winners has/have witnessed Crusader Football from the era of Bill Osmanski to Bill Edger and have lived to tell about it. That's a lifetime and that's an achievement.

6. On the Horizon:
Save the Date of Friday June 1st to play in the Annual Holy Cross Football Golf Outing at Blackstone National GC in Sutton. Save yourself the headache of my coming after you very hard on this and sign up now to play and be on the Golf Committee. Always a great day.

Do you believe we are only 5 months away from once again seeing our Crusaders take Fitton Field 'under the lights' vs the University of New Hampshire? Aside from the big win we will witness that evening, we will induct the next class into the Ring of Honor. Additionally we have started discussions regarding a 25th Anniversary Celebration of the 1987 undefeated Crusader team. All of these efforts are critical to ...SELLING OUT FITTON FIELD!!

I am going to see you on April 14th...right? And June 1st....right? And August 30th...right?
Good, I thought so.

I know we have no interest in losing, so. . .

LD '83

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