Saturday, September 25, 2010

HCGLC Annual Meeting October 2, 2010 9:30am

Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council Annual Meeting 
Date: October 2, 2010 
Location: Lower Kimball 
Time: 9:30am 

Mission: “Committed to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on 
and off the field” 

Come to our HCGLC Annual Meeting then attend the Building the 
Brand/Ring of Fame Reception in Lower Kimball which will run from 10:30-12:15. Space is 
limited. RSVP to Jen Whipple (
For more color on the inaugural class in the Ring of Fame
I. Brief Review of 2009-2010 Programs: 
Career Planning Evening, 
“90-Wide” Mentoring
> Patriot League Championship Reception 
Spring Game Reception/Cookout, Jackie Mo’ Lifetime 
Achievement Award, 
Golf Outing, 
Building the Brand/Ring of Fame 
II. 2010-2011 Schedule: 
> Improved Operations in terms of more formal 
engagement, committees, and delegation…”Greater Buy In!!” 
III. New Initiatives: 
> Websites: to further build the community, access info on our efforts and programs at Club and Chu Chu Rah Rah, an independent website for our Holy Cross Football family.

Capital Call 
Organizing by year of graduation 
Night Game at Fitton 
A Hall of Fame Recommendation Committee 
Meet with Board Chair Kevin Condron to further our mission. 

Board Chair: Larry Doyle '83 
Word of mouth is always the best way to spread the word of our efforts 
and our mission. Do all of us who love Holy Cross Football a favor and 
share this message with your friends, family, colleagues. 


  1. Your efforts are appreciated. Thanks for highlighting these different programs and best of luck in achieving excellence on and off the field.

    True Jesuit principles at work here.

  2. The mentoring program is the essence of Jesuit education. The list of companies represented is truly quite impressive.

    I would think the college would want to highlight this program.

  3. In regard to the Hall of Fame Recommendation , start with Bob Hurley '79. Total stud.

  4. How about Eddie Jenkins??

  5. Joe Wilson '73 & Ronnie Cahill '50 ??
    Two great ones!!