Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last Night's Attendance

Tough loss last night for the Crusaders but in typical Tom Gilmore fashion,
there is absolutely no quit in the Holy Cross Football vocabulary.

Aside from the final score, the set of numbers that truly grabbed me
were attendance (16,352) vs capacity (17,000). On a picture perfect
evening (did you see the guy in the parasail type gizmo beyond the
UMass sideline. Very cool!!) the crowd was a little late arriving (to
be expected with tailgating) but overall very impressive and well

I am fairly certain that Holy Cross is scheduled to play UMass again next year.
How cool would it be to make the UMass game next year the first night
game in Holy Cross history. UMass has 44 players on this year's roster who
live within an hour of Holy Cross. How many of their high school coaches
and fans do you think would attend?

UMass has a huge alumni base throughout eastern and central Massachusetts.
UMass travels well with a spectacular band. Holy Cross would certainly attract
all of the local Worcester area high schools and the Worcester
community at large. Great chance for some solid town-gown goodwill
right there!

The icing on the cake would be the second rendition of the Building the
Brand/Ring of Fame. Fitton Field would be a Field of Dreams as say Jon Morris, Bruce Kozerski,
and a representative of George Connor's family strolled to midfield. Last night's attendance and the UMass roster confirmed that this is a NO BRAINER.

I would take the over at 20k in attendance. 10k for the HC faithful, 10k for the UMass contingent.
Give away 5k in endzone tickets to local grammar schools. It would be an awesome showcase for the college and a potential sellout.

Will Holy Cross have the vision to make this a reality?

Larry Doyle '83
Chair, HCGLC


  1. This would require support from the A.D. and action by the is a great idea, but I have money against...unfortunately.

  2. This is as good as it gets in terms of being a money maker for the Athletic Department. A mid-September game will likely have beautiful weather.

    This does not require any real vision. UMass is playing night football. Harvard this week will be a huge turnout for their opening game. Brown plays Harvard in two weeks under the lights.

    Is the HC administration concerned that somebody actually has some fun? Taking the Catholic guilt trip to a bit of an extreme, no?

    I'm with Anonymous. GREAT IDEA!!

  3. Kevin -
    Not how I expected the game to turnout. UMass certainly came out with something to prove. I apologize to any HC fans who were yelled at in the parking lot by UMass students. I have no problem admitting we have one of the worst student fanbases in collegiate sports. Good luck the rest of the way!

    - Matt (Minutemen Nation)

  4. Classy comment by Matt of Minutemen Nation! LD/KD building bridges to good people and good programs. Best of luck in Cambridge!

  5. It would sicken me to see the administration of HC, a school so rich and deep in athletic tradition not jump at the chance to create excitement for the school with a night venue for the football team.

    I have closely watched HC over the last 40 years squander numerous opportunities to leverage the tradition and heritage of its athletic program and I am thrilled to see the rejuvenated interest cultivated through the Holy Cross Gridiron Council.

    HC athletics is in need of fierce leadership and support from the top down. It boggles the mind to see the Board of Directors of the school accept the deterioration of the athletic program and the acceptance of mediocrity. Not the Jesuit way.

  6. Bring Night Football to FittonSeptember 19, 2010 at 6:25 PM

    Last night's attendance ....21, 704 with tickets going for $22 per.

    Tell me again why Holy Cross would not want to have a night game?

    You write,"Will Holy Cross have the vision to make this a reality?"

    Does not take a lot of imagination or vision to make this a reality AND a money maker.

    Stay the course!!

  7. At long last we are getting a real insight into H.C. football. Keep up the good work, I really enjoy it.