Saturday, September 18, 2010

HCGLC Endorsement

I am compelled to highlight a recent comment that came into Chu Chu Rah Rah. I appreciate the sentiments expressed and would welcome hearing from others as to their thoughts on the specific and general messages included here. As with everything connected with the HCGLC, we are continually looking to address our single stated goal of helping Holy Cross Football "win on and off the field." As the chair of the HCGLC, I am happy to take on the challenging issues or topics in order to achieve this most worthy goal. This message very clearly speaks for itself.

It would sicken me to see the administration of HC, a school so rich and deep in athletic tradition not jump at the chance to create excitement for the school with a night venue for the football team. 

I have closely watched HC over the last 40 years squander numerous opportunities to leverage the tradition and heritage of its athletic program and I am thrilled to see the rejuvenated interest cultivated through the Holy Cross Gridiron Council. 

HC athletics is in need of fierce leadership and support from the top down. It boggles the mind to see the Board of Directors of the school accept the deterioration of the athletic program and the acceptance of mediocrityNot the Jesuit way.

Thoughts, color, comments, constructive criticisms always encouraged and appreciated!!

Larry Doyle '83
Chair, HCGLC  


  1. This is exactly why you need to write a letter to the Board of Trustees and express your opinion. Now is the time, before the vote to add football scholarships to the Patriot League is taken. We must make every effort to reinstitute football scholarships to the HOLY CROSS football program and vote " YES " at the upcoming Patriot League meeting. Make it happen....please write!