Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Bad Press and Onward to Victory!!

Yes, for those in the public eye, like Holy Cross Football, there truly is no bad press.

On that note, I am happy to provide links from other sites talking about Crusader Football and the HCGLC. Additionally the Crusaders have a HUGE Patriot League game this coming Saturday. Let's make sure the team once again feels the support of everybody in Crusader Nation.

See you at Fitton on Saturday.

Let's Win!!

LD '83

1. A website covering BC Football entitled BC Interruption writes Observations from Thursday's UMass-Holy Cross Football Game,

(Extra Point) Holy Cross' Ryan Taggart Isn't Too Shabby, Either

Just for kicks, how about an outlook on Holy Cross football? Senior quarterback Ryan Taggart showed a little rust at the beginning of Thursday's game, but he rebounded in a big way. After completing 4-of-7 passes for 26 yards in the first quarter, Taggart threw for 220 yards in the final three quarters and finished with 246 passing yards and one touchdown on 23-of-44 passing. In short, Taggart's the real deal.

Taggart is also very good on his feet. For instance, on a fourth and two from the UMass three yard line, Taggart took the snap and rolled right, only to find no one open in the end zone. Instead of trying to squeeze in a bad pass, Taggart used his excellent field vision and spun left around a UMass defender and made his way into the endzone.

However, as do many college quarterbacks, Taggart has one major Achilles heel: he can't find receivers on long passes. Taggart was unable to find his receivers on deep tosses down the sidelines, overthrowing his target each and every time. Also, Taggart was not very effective on third downs, which isn't very helpful for teams that want to, you
know, win games.

Not that Ryan and team needed any further motivation but I think the writer down by Chestnut Hill just provided it. Go get 'em Ryan!!

2. Feedback from last Thursday has been phenomenal. The ultimate thanks needs to go to ALL those who generated support for the event beforehand, those whom were in attendance at the game, and those who have expressed their postgame sentiments to the administration.

I think I speak for everybody in Crusader Nation to state how proud we are to have George Connor, Jon Morris, Joe Wilson, and Bruce Kozerski inducted last Thursday into the Ring of Honor.

For those who heard the remarks of the honorees, how special was that!! How do we define pride??

>>Listening and learning that George Connor was born prematurely, weighing in at a mere 2 lbs, with his folks being told not to expect a long life for their newborn, only to see that young tyke go on to lead the Crusaders to the GREATEST upset in college football history.

>>Listening and learning that Jon Morris has such pride knowing that his grandchild will enter Fitton Field to see the family name proudly displayed.

>>Listening and learning that Joe Wilson had no knowledge of Holy Cross growing up in rural North Carolina. From North Carolina to Jamaica Plain in Boston to Mt. St. James, Joe celebrated his day with many friends including his high school football coach. How great was that!!

>>Bruce Kozerski was not with us last Thursday when he was coaching Holy Cross HS in Covington, KY. Please join us on Homecoming in ten days when we will warmly embrace Bruce at Fitton Field.

Are you proud to be associated with these legends? Just a little bit, right??

I was thrilled that we also had many honorees from last year with us as well including: Bill Osmanski's grandchildren, Ed Murphy, Vince Promuto, John Provost, and Gordie Lockbaum. I think we are "running" with a pretty good crowd.

It is great to be a Crusader!!

Given the success experienced last Thursday, I would think it would be a virtual certainty that we will induct the 3rd class into the Ring of Honor and the Crusaders will host the Wildcats of the University of New Hampshire on Thursday August 30, 2012 under the lights. SAVE THE DATE !!

All this said, LET US FOCUS on the next 14 games of Crusader Football this season!! That's right!! Think national championship consistent with the HCGLC mission of "commitment to excellence" both on and off the field.

On that note.....next up on the docket...

3. Holy Cross Football Plays Host to Colgate on Saturday.

The Crusaders put a major dent in Colgate's hopes for a Patriot league Championship a year ago. You know the Raiders hope to repay the favor this coming Saturday. Please come out to Fitton Field this Saturday with friends, family, neighbors, colleagues et al to see the Purple gain victory over the crowd from Hamilton, NY.

4. On the topic of our commitment to excellence off the field, a website covering Dartmouth College football entitled Big Green Alert writes from mid-August Who's Beating Who,

Holy Cross Magazine has a story about the mentoring program set up on Mount St. James to help football players during school and then after graduation. The story notes that the program is . . .
named "90-Wide" for the 90 or so football alums who originally signed up to help. The "Wide" pays homage to Coach Tom Gilmore's wide-spread offense. Since its inception in December 2009, the number of mentors has grown to about 120 from 23 states.

Also from the story is this quote from former running back Chuckie Doyle:

"We're not trying to be like a University of Alabama Booster Club. Providing mentoring to football players doesn't cost a dime. We're simply asking former football players to give of their time and talent and give some career advice to present-day football players. Mentoring is the essence of Jesuit principles. In truth, a mentor always gets back more than he gives."

Let's continue to spread the faith and.....


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