Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011: The Mission Continues...Dr. Joe Ciccone '97 Writes of Purple Pride

In the midst of speaking with some people yesterday, I referenced the fact that while some may have viewed  yesterday's activities and assorted events on Fitton Field and atop Mt. St. James as a mere football game combined with a nice ceremony, for those of us who "believe" we know it was something far bigger than that. 

Yesterday was not a culmination of efforts which generated a sparkling production. Yesterday was a point in time celebration and highlighting of who we are in the context of an ongoing and continued pursuit of our mission. 

For those who would like a reminder of the mission of the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council it is simply and succinctly stated as: The commitment to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field.

The game was hard fought. Our Crusaders came out on the short end. We know there are no moral victories but our 'Saders reflected a passion, character, and sense of purpose for which all of Coach Gilmore's teams are known. The spirit of the play is a clear indication that the 2011 rendition of Crusader Football will have significant success. 

How can you help this year's team and the mission of the HCGLC? 

Go to a game/games. Bring friends. Spread the word about the program. Spread the word about the HCGLC. Share your expressions of support not only with friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, but feel free to share them with our friends atop Mt. St. James. 

On that note and with the permission of Dr. Joe Ciccone '97, I welcome sharing with you the sentiments he shared with me and some on campus this morning: 

From: Ciccone,Joseph M. (BIDMC - Urology)
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2011 12:05 PM
Subject: PRIDE
Dear Gentlemen,
Last evening atop Mount Saint James was magical.  On behalf of Holy Cross alumni, particularly the football alumni, I wish to offer my since appreciation and congratulations for a job very well done.  Coach Gilmore has the troops fired up and a valiant showing was given against a very strong opponent on a national stage.   
In watching the replay of the early portion of the broadcast in CBS Sports the campus and stadium looked dreamlike. More importantly Holy Cross Football became a vehicle for trumpeting the larger mission of our college.  The Jesuit principles and purity of this mission was communicated eloquently, not only by the images on the screen, but by the commentary of the broadcasters, one of whom said "They're playing for all the right reasons."  This is Holy Cross Football in a nutshell.  It brought tears to my eyes to witness my school and my football program, both so dear to my heart, to be put on the pedestal they deserve and to witness their glory spread far and wide. 
The future for Holy Cross and Holy Cross Football is bright.  Whatever beginning last night marked, may we continued to push forward with open minds, with soundness of principle, and, as always, with God on our side.
Joseph M. Ciccone, M.D., 
Fullback/Tight-end, Class of '97
Clinical Instructor of Surgery
Harvard Medical School
Urology Practice Associates 

Thank you Dr. Joe for eloquently stating what so many of us know to be true. Let us continue to "spread the faith"!!

For those who would like to view a replay of yesterday's game, I understand it will air on CBS College Sports this afternoon at 4pm. 

On a more somber note, please keep our Purple brother Jack Nealon '82 and his family in your prayers. I learned yesterday that Jack lost his son Kevin this summer. May God Bless Jack and his family. 


Larry Doyle '83


  1. I agree completely. So folks won't be confused, I believe that CBS College Sports is now CBS Sports Network (at least in this area).

  2. Great article. although the game results were not what we wanted, the fun and camaraderie with past HC friends and team mates was special. Good luck to the team and Coach Gilmore for a healthy and prosperous football season.