Monday, September 12, 2011

"Something Very Good Going On in Worcester"

Fellow Crusaders, 

Let's dispense with the formalities and get right down to business. 

1. Our men in purple delivered an exceptionally well oiled performance this past Saturday. Congratulations to Coach Gilmore, staff, and team!! In a game that finished in less than two and a half hours, the 'saders opened league play by beating Colgate 37-7. Well done, gentlemen!!

I am not so sure the game was as close as the score indicated ;-) but for those in the stands it was pure delight and very well balanced in every regard.  

2.  There is clearly something very good going on in Worcester atop Mt. St. James . Get involved and bring friends, family, neighbors et al to Fitton Field for a great Purple brand of college football.   

How uncanny, though, that this past Saturday's score is eerily similar to the 34-6 score of the game in which HC played on September 18, 2010 against a school from Cambridge. The fact that we were on the short end of that score should provide significant motivation for our troops to repay that favor in spades this weekend. I hope many on this distribution will return for Homecoming and give our men a meaningful home field advantage in this key matchup vs Harvard. 

3. Prior to the game, we will have a reception for 2011 Ring of Honor inductee Bruce Kozerski on the left field line of the varsity baseball field. Please come join us, congratulate Bruce, and get ready for the on field pre-game ceremony prior to kickoff. Bruce started every single game during his career at Holy Cross. Let's make sure we express our pride and admiration to him and his family who will be coming in that morning after Bruce coaches his son and teammates from Holy Cross HS in Covington, KY the night before.

The power of positive thinking believes both Holy Cross contingents will gain victory this weekend.

4. Since inception in fall 2009, the Holy Cross Gridiron Leadership Council (HCGLC) has held our annual meeting on the morning of Homecoming. On a going forward basis, we are looking to change the format. Instead of a one hour phone call/meeting which due to conflicts only a handful could attend/participate, we will now 'open the electronic floor' for a month long period of feedback, comments, ideas regarding what the HCGLC does, how we do it, and what more we might do to pursue our mission of "commitment to excellence in helping Holy Cross Football win on and off the field".  

How will our 'month long electronic meeting' work? To spare everybody the chance of receiving an endless stream of e-mails and comments, please respond directly to me only. I will then collate and synthesize the comments and creative genius provided and issue a summary report in the latter part of October. Post that report, we can develop action plans in order to execute and win

I strongly believe this format will not only encourage participation but also positively impact the pursuit of our mission. I have a few ideas of my own and will include them in the report. Please let me know if you would like to attach your names to your ideas or deliver them confidentially. 

Remember, the sole focus of the HCGLC is the pursuit of our mission. Nothing more, nothing less. By opening the electronic meeting to the entire audience of HC Football alums and Gridiron Club members, I hope we will generate greater support and consensus. Please also know, though, that along with creative genius we always need "hands on deck" and the "do, re, mi" flowing into the Gridiron Club as well. 

For purposes of review, since our last meeting on the morning of Homecoming 2010, many dozens of loyal supporters have been involved in the following programs/initiatives. We thank the Holy Cross administration for the accompanying support of our council, our causes, and our mission.   

>>Induction of first two classes into the Holy Cross Ring of Honor
>>Career Night, (number 25 perhaps??) led by Bill Maloney '59. THANK YOU, BILL..!!!   
>>'90-Wide' Mentoring which now incorporates 130 alums gains further traction 
>>Meeting with board chair Kevin Condron in fall 2010 to discuss topic of scholarships within the Patriot League  >>Strong turnout for the Alumni Game as part of the spring football game/barbecue. THANK YOU Dan Adams '07 for leading this charge!! 
>>Awarding of 2nd Jackie Mo' Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously in spring 2011 to Jack Scott
>>Annual Golf Outing in June 2011 ...this can and needs to be improved in terms of attendance
>>Support of 1st Night Game at Fitton Field...unmitigated success!!
>>Ongoing moral and financial support by so many of the program we all know and love. Our collective passion remains fueled by the finest coach in college football, Tom Gilmore.  

The Suggestion Box is now open, or dare I say, our electronic meeting has come to order. I welcome any and all thoughts, comments, feedback. Please be respectful but not bashful and rest assured any and all confidence will be protected if desired. 

On that note, I look forward to seeing many of you at Fitton this Saturday for another Crusader victory and a special day for Bruce Kozerski '84. 

One other point, and a major one at that....

5.LET'S WIN!!!                    

LD '83


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